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Mac Mini = Apple's media center

Discussion in 'Macintosh Computers' started by Sweetfeld28, Feb 22, 2005.

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    i just read this article, Mini Me, in which this guy thinks the new Mac Mini is going to be Apples gateway into selling movies. I just was wondering if anyone thinks that this is at all possible?
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    the apple media center idea has been jumping around weeks before that article was written. but, with only an 80 gig harddrive (smaller than that of newer TiVos) and the huge amount of size HD video takes up has to make you wonder - if this is to happen, just how well does h.264 stack up with its visual compression rates and data size? i think 1 gig is pushing it for anyone with a 3Mbit/sec bandwidth.
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    That is sort of what i was thinking while i was reading the article. I thought that in order to use the Mini for any type of video, it would need a bigger drive.

    but, isn't this h.264 video codec supposed to be something like what AAC was compared to the MP3 file format? Maybe i don't exactly understand what h.264 is exactly, but that was just my understanding of what it is supposed to be; a dvd quality (or better) codec, with greater compression, and low file size/bit rates. Maybe i am wrong?

    Do those mini sport laptop drives, or regular 3.5" drives? If they sport the laptop drives, the biggest drive made to date is only 100GB at, ithink, 7200RPM. So, if you could manage to take out the old drive and install this the Mini should work for being a semi decent Media Center right?

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