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Discussion in 'Apple TV and Home Theater' started by Jecko024, Jan 29, 2008.

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    Okay, I was just thinking about something that would be cool to do in a car, for like a carPC or whatever. Anyways, what I came up with is below.

    ------------ ----------- Screen (Not Touch)
    -----------^----------- Screen (Not Touch)
    Mac Mini--<
    -----------Touch Screen

    The Mac Mini would be in the dash along with the touch screen, and then the Apple TV would be in the center console or wherever, connected to two other screens for the passengers in the back seat......Anyways, Is this possible in any sort of way?
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    it is possible. Not sure why you would want both in the car but it is possible.
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    Why wouldn't you just hook up the macmini to your screen in the car. Having an ATV there is pretty pointless.
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    The mini is for the dash and the AppleTV is for the kids in the back...

    Makes sense to me, and can be done with enough money.
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    You'd definitely need 2 devices. The hardware can only power 1 display, or the two back seat ones with a video splitter.
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    OH...i didn't read the rest of his first post...haha my bad. I thought he was just trying to accomplish one thing with two devices
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    lol nah I can't actually afford to do this, I was just wanting to know if it was possible/reasonable since the mac mini would only be able to power one display, and wanted three screens, two identical, one (up front) seperate, so, thats all, wasn't sure.

    But thanks for the responses :)
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    Buy a junky car, and try to get on Pimp My Ride on MTV and hint at them that's what you want lol.
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    Not to be the spoil-sport, but WalMart sells Venturer dual-screen DVD players for under $200. I think I'd rather have one of those (or even two!) in the car, than $800+ worth of Apple computer equipment plus whatever money needs to be spent on LCD screens powered by the Mac/AppleTV.
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    a question regarding the mini,

    is it possible to set up the mini with a TV and run 'front row' and view different file types of movies, as opposed to converting and putting onto an appletv? would the picture quality be as good? does 'front row' work just like the appletv menus?

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