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Mac Mini .. buzzing sound from audio out

Discussion in 'Macintosh Computers' started by monty77, Mar 15, 2005.

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    Thought it was my speakers at 1st so plugged headphones in to make sure...audio out jack on the Mini is crackling badly on the right channel.

    Anyone else having this? Back to Apple for my Mini I'm guessing :(

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    redeye be

    Crisp and clean sound here.
    I did yank the cable once and a buzz appeared, pushed the connector around, now everything works fine again, my own high quality mp3 iTunes radio station :).

    If you have to return it, look at it on the bright side: you'll get a brand new one! jeej! ;)
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    If you did some sort of hardware hack, as I suppose from reading your sig, your mini most likely won't go back to Apple... :(
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    I seem to recall a widespread problem with the early Minis similar to what you describe. I think they were calling it "static". But, I thought they had fixed that. Do a Google for it, you can probably take it back if it's new.
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    The overclock is a bit of a concern but if the fault is unrelated then they have no grounds to refuse a warranty claim - thanks to new EU warranty regulations they have to prove that the fault was created by something the customer did - at last, something useful comes from the EU!!!

    Will do a google for this static noise issue.

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    redeye be

    Could you be talking about the iPod mini? (this thread is about the Mac mini ;))
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    Just googled and came to the same conclusion :)

    Had the case apart swapping HDDs a week ago so maybe I knocked something - will invesitgate tonight.

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    Yes...yes in fact I was. Heh sorry :rolleyes:
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    redeye be

    Any luck?

    Looks like more ppl are having the same problem (even without opening the case)
    Maybe we should continue this conversation in the new thread? mods?

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