Mac mini capacitors?

Discussion in 'Macintosh Computers' started by minimax, Nov 14, 2005.

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    With the news about the bad capacitors in the G5 and Dell it made me wonder where those are located in the mini. However, I can't find them on the motherboard...perhaps I overlooked them, but does anybody know where they are located? Just curious!
    I'm also wondering why the iMac needs so many?

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    AFAIK the mini hasn't had ANY problems...I wouldn't fret about it.
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    Not fretting about it, just curious from a technical pov where they are

    edit: already located most of them. Since the mini is a low power machine the capacitors it uses are different from the ones used in the imac.
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    The mini comes with a power brick right? MAybe the capaciators are in there?
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    Can you elaborate about the bad capacitors in the G5? I haven't heard that.
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    OMG, the capacitors are multiplying.
    The reason why the imac has more capacitors is probably due to G5's power requirements, IDK.
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    @david the powerbrick is an AC Adapter that converts alternating main voltage to a direct current, in this case a regulated 18.5V output. On the mainboard that voltage is then converted to different voltages for harddisk, system, cpu etc. The capacitors are there to egalize the powersupply to the respective parts.

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