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Mac Mini Core solo

Discussion in 'Mac mini' started by tego10122, Mar 3, 2008.

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    How World Of warcraft and Adobe Cs3 preforme on this machine. Im getting one in the mail tomm. :p just wanted to know.
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    Extremely sluggish. i think they can only read 1GB of ram.. Plus the GMA gpu really sucks.
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    cherry su

    Well the previous poster is probably correct, so why don't you upgrade it? Drop in a T7600 (2.33GHz), 3GB of RAM, and a 7200RPM disk and you have a super mini!
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    @ cherry , dude max is 2gb im getting it with 1gb stock. and I want to do the upgrade to a core duo 2.2ghz but what will the outcome be I might frie the mac.
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    and on top of that lol its 600.00 for the pross :p way too much.
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    cherry su

    nope max is 3GB Apple has been lying to you. Screw dual channel!
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    Intel Yonah T2600 Core Duo 2.16Ghz 2.16/2M/667/SL8VN << will that work ?
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    cherry su

    No, that needs a LGA775 socket. Mac mini uses a notebook processor with Socket M
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    for the cost of upgrading the processor and Ram - one would think a nice refurb C2D would be in reach...
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    Very true.
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    Found the upgrade I guess just need some one to ver.

    Brand Intel
    Processors Type Desktop
    Series Core 2 Duo
    Model BX80557E4500
    CPU Socket Type
    CPU Socket Type LGA 775
    Tech Spec
    Core Allendale
    Multi-Core Dual-Core
    Name Core 2 Duo E4500
    Operating Frequency 2.2GHz
    FSB 800MHz
    L1 Cache 32KB+32KB
    L2 Cache 2M shared
    Manufacturing Tech 65 nm
    64 bit Support Yes
    Virtualization Technology Support Yes
    Multimedia Instruction MMX, SSE, SSE2, SSE3, EM64T
    Voltage 0.962V-1.325V
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    Cave Man

    The Core Solo and Core Duo Minis were firmware restricted to 2 gigs max.
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    Cave Man

    If you're going to that much trouble, you ought to put in a Core 2 Duo. T7400, T7600, the such.
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    Thanks CaveMan.
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    cherry su

    Crap! Brain fart! Core Solo/Duo were 32bit, so Apple said they could only support 2GB. Hoover dam it!

    Unfortunately the T7(even#)00 and X7900 won't fit into the socket cuz they use Socket P instead of Socket M
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    cherry su

    Won't work. the Mac mini uses LAPTOP components. That chip is for DESKTOPS. Bummer. :(
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    You're wrong bub, 2gigs. I had cs3 running good on a PPC mini with 1gig.:)
    Dag!! should have known, got beat to it by about 4 posters, SORRY!
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    Cave Man

    Perhaps you should tell that to all the people who have already done it.
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    Cave Man

    No, it's because Apple limited the addressing in the Core Solo and Core Duo models. The Intel Minis all use the same Calistoga chipset (i.e., memory controller) which can take Yonah (Core Solo/Duo) or Merom (Core 2 Duo) processors. All Core 2 Duo revisions can give you 3.1 gb of RAM with two 2-gig sticks, while the Core Solo/Duo revisions can only give you 2 gigs. If you put a Core 2 Duo processor in a Core Solo/Duo Mini, you'll still only get 2 gigs max because you cannot change the firmware.
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    been there, done that.

    like me.:) a long time ago with the same 1.5 core solo system. thread HERE but there are several others floating around the imac/emac/mini forum.

    upgraded to a T7200, and it's still working fine today, and it is limited to 2gb. just watch out that you don't break the white pins/clips, and that you don't rip off the temp sensor when you remove the heatsink.

    oh yeah, and test it BEFORE you put the cover back on...;)
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    It is rather expensive tho its 400.00 for that id sell my mini for 350.00 and buy a cheap macbook pro used for 800.00. Unless some one can find it for cheap.

    Ebay - NEW Intel BX80537T7600 Core2 Duo T7600 2.33GHz Mobile $742.75
    Shipping: Not specified

    Ebay - Intel T7400 L2 4MB 2.16GHz for Laptop & Mini PC upgrade $380.00 shipped.
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    lol Bought one Intel Core2 Duo Mobile Processor T7200 - 2.0Ghz/4M/667 , hope its compatible lol
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    Cave Man

    You'll see a very nice performance increase. Two cores, faster cycles and double the cache. Make sure you apply adequate heat sink compound when you reassemble it.
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    T2700 2.33 GHz Yonah

    I'm upgrading my 1st gen CD mini to get a couple of more years of life out of it. I ordered a T2700 2.33 GHz Yonah off of ebay for $188 shipped. I'll let you know when, if, I receive it and whether it works. AFIK, the CD mini's only take upto 2 GB of ram. It'll be great if someone figures out how to flash the CD mini with C2D mini's firmware. I also ordered a Hitachi Travelstar 200 GB 7200 RPM HD (newegg $150 shipped after rebate). The combination of the faster CPU and HD should significantly boost performance of my 1.66/2GB/80GB/CD mini.
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    cherry su

    Never mind. I meant T7(odd#)00 (the SR-based chips)

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