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Mac Mini early 2010 predictions?

Discussion in 'Mac mini' started by belltree, Oct 26, 2009.

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    I'm happy to see the Mac Mini seemingly being included in Apple's regular refresh of their desktop line (at least the last two). With that in mind, I'm thinking/hoping that we will see the next Mini revision appear in the spring of 2010 with the below:

    • Updated chassis with better ventilation and new styling.
    • Support for 2.5" drives thicker than 9.5mm.
    • Core i5 or i7 (32nm?)
    • Official support for 8GB (unofficially supported now with the latest firmware running SL).
    • Upgraded GPU - 9400M successor ripped from ION2 (due out before end of 2009)
    • USB 3.0.
    • BluRay.
    There is one glaring problem with my prediction list above. Nvidia's GPU won't be compatible with Core i5 or i7 so it will be interesting to see what route Apple takes on this front. Will they stay with Core2Duo (Quad?) and use the 9400M successor? Or will they move to Intel's upcoming Arrandale with an integrated GPU (shudder at the thought). 2010 will no doubt be an interesting year in terms of Apple hardware.

    Let's hear some predictions!
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    Core 2 again with support from ION2.
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    I doubt you will see an update that soon, and as for your predictions buddy Im sorry but looking slim in much of that happening:

    * Updated chassis with better ventilation and new styling.--haven't updated it since basically releasing it so why would they start now?

    * Support for 2.5" drives thicker than 9.5mm.--maybe

    * Core i5 or i7 (32nm?)--you make my roflcopter go soi soi soi soi soi

    * Official support for 8GB (unofficially now with the latest firmware running SL).---soi soi soi soi

    * Upgraded GPU - 9400M successor ripped from ION2 (due out before end of 2009)--soi soi

    * USB 3.0. soi

    * BluRay. (to distant to hear any soi soi now)
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    * Updated chassis with better ventilation and new styling. (Maybe?)
    * Support for 2.5" drives thicker than 9.5mm.
    * Core i5 or i7 (32nm?) - I'm thinking they'll stick with Core 2 Duo.
    * Official support for 8GB - Hopefully!
    * Upgraded GPU - 9400M successor ripped from ION2
    * USB 3.0. - I'm thinking it's coming out the end of 2010.
    * BluRay. - BluRay support isn't scheduled to Apple for the next couple years.
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    Early 2010 likely refers to January, the Mac mini won't see an update until the Spring.
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    Mini probably won't get a quad core anything until 2011.
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    Upgraded ram amount would be great.
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    Intel Core i3
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    Probably not since it has an integrated Intel GPU and not nvidia.
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    As mentioned in my initial post the Mac Mini (with Snow Leopard and latest firmware) now unofficially supports 8GB of RAM. So if you want it, you can upgrade it yoruself.
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    Well, more a wish than a prediction, but I'd really like to see an additional ethernet port on the server model.
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    I doubt the mac mini will be updated that early. Most looking at late 2010, since they just updated it. When it does get updated, I'd say to expect i5, 8GB of ram and possibly some better graphics (maybe something of an upgrade of the 9400m).
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    If the update comes that early, I don't see something more than core2duo for processor. Probably some minor update for the graphic card and new design or even HDMI port too. Macmini should always stay behind iMacs in performance for marketing reasons. If it comes much later I could expect something better for processor and bluray.
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    Seeing nVidia have fallen out with Intel over licensing of iX chipsets, the Mini will either stay Core2 with 9400M or some new iteration of chipset not yet announced, or it'll be going away from nV for the chipset.

    Personally, I have a feeling we'll see discrete ATI graphics (4350?) with i3 or i5 in the Mini within a year.
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    As Eidorian said, Core 2 Duos and a new GPU.
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    HDMI Port

    HDMI port to connect to all those HDTV's that are in everyone's livingroom. :D

    A wireless keyboard mouse bundle for >$100 :cool:

    There is a hugh market to make the Mini the entertainment hub. I know I would love to be able to use PIP to monitor email, etc. while watching TV. :apple:
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    You just use the mini display port adapter to hdmi from that one company - problem solved. I do want to see dual mini DP though, the mac mini is the last current apple product with mini dvi still >.<
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    If it gets upgraded to a mobile i5/i7 it wont be till fall 2010 at the earliest.

    It would be cool to get some colored cases, just to change things up.

    Any chance of the mimi getting bigger? If you had a choice of it to be taller or wider, which would you choose? I think a slightly more wide mini would be cool if it used that space to get better specs.

    How much bigger would it need to be to support a desktop i7 and desktop graphics card?

    Maybe a 2nd version of the mini, the big mini?
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    For desktop i7 and ATI 4850, you would need at least mid ATX case so mini would have to be at least twice but I think three times bigger than current is to handle desktop components.
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    Im hoping for i5, 8GB Ram compatibility and better GFX (maybe default of GT120?)
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    I do it using Micro ATX just fine. You'll be able to do it with mini-ITX once those boards are out. :p

    There are smaller Micro ATX cases than mine as well.
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    Ahh, okay, cool. Do you have any heat problems? No overclocking? Oh, and how quiet it is and what kinda fans do you use? Sorry about my interest but I may build one :cool:
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    No worries. I have the P55M-UD2 inside an Antec P180 mini. The P55M-UD4 has better support of Crossfire but you'll lose all the expansion slots in most cases. MSI has the best X58 based Micro ATX motherboard but I prefer P55 since they platform runs cooler.

    I can overclock but I prefer having a quieter computer in general. I do have my video card overclocked though since it is passively cooled. A Core i5 750 and two hard drives running off an Antec Earthwatts 380.

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