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Mac Mini fan going like no tomorrow!

Discussion in 'Mac mini' started by EvanLugh, Apr 5, 2008.

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    My fan has been going like anything
    currently at 4278rpm, i only have mail.app and Minefield (Firefox nightly build) open. What's this about? Has been doing it for a few days now. It's gone much higher though, to the sound of a windows desktop :eek:

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    You install ram recently? You tried a reboot?
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    Voodoo - Nope, haven't installed it, yet.

    Yep rebooted plenty of times, ran Maintenance, Onyx, XSlimmer and it's still going like the flying penguins on BBC.
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    The picture suggests that system processes are running at 83% of cpu time

    What process does activity monitor say is using the cpu time (could be spotlight, syslog etc) ?
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    Your machine is running at 99% of cpu, with some system call(s) using 83%.

    You might try running Activity Monitor and choose 'All Processes' in the pulldown, and sort by CPU and see if anything obvious shows up.

    btw, which application is that picture from? I don't recognize it.

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    See attached image for Activity Monitor..

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    it's called iStat Pro, which is a Mac OS X widget... very cool app...

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    Nice, thanks.

    There's no obvious culprit showing in Activity Monitor, though if WindowServer is always at ~10% that would be unusual.

    If it were my machine, I would see if I could get rid of it by process of elimination. For instance, I might reboot and then log in via SSH and run "top" to see if whatever is going on is still happening when nobody is logged in on the console (I have automatic login turned off). If you don't have a second machine, you could reboot and see if the fans go quiet after a few minutes. As an alternative, I might log in as a different user to see if it was something to do with my account.

    In any case, if you can make it go away in one of these tests then you can start thinking about what gets started when you log in. What's in Login Items? What other cool widgets do you have running, etc.

    If the problem persists after a reboot with nobody logging in, you have a good mystery on your hands. I'm not sure what I would do short of a re-install. It would depend on how curious I was that day... :)

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    Thanks for the reply. Only login items assigned by me is little snitch, which is no problem. Only widgets are istat(which i installed to check fan!) and calc. I might open it tomorrow incase its dusty, but it's in a well ventilate area. Thanks for the advice. EL (posted on n95, sorry spellin mistakes!).
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    How long have you had this mini? My house if VERY dusty. I used to open my old windows boxes regularly and blow/vacuum out the dust as it collected very heavily. I opened my mini twice before, expecting it to look pretty bad, and there was barely any dust to be found, so odd are its not that.

    I havent the foggiest idea what it might be. Wish I could be of more help.
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    Had this one since the intel c2d update. I'll see if I can find the documents to send it back to the reseller, no Genius Bars to be seen here. :( Thanks anyway.
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    VoodooDaddy... I see that you posted this response to the fan prob,,, My fan is always on JUST after I installed more RAM... Do u have a solution?


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    Did you forget to connect the little connector that is low on the front of the Mini when you put it back together? If it's disconnected, the fan stays on high.
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    Bingo - Prob solved... Thanks bud!


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