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mac mini + ifire + pro speakers + ipod (firewire)? daisychain?

Discussion in 'Macintosh Computers' started by neon, Jan 30, 2005.

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    i'm hovering over the 'checkout' button, with a mac mini and an ifire in my basket. i have some apple pro speakers (spares from work) and would love to make use of them, but my 3rd gen ipod only has a firewire cable, the ifire uses firewire, and the mac mini only has one firewire port.

    is there any solution to this? i'm told that you can daisychain firewire devices but would ifire do this too?

    and...... if so........ how?! :confused:

    TIA :)
  2. jsw
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    The iFire won't chain, but you can get a Firewire hub for under US$50.
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    Apparently not.
    Despite claiming to have a maximum of 10 watts per channel, this figure is actually PmPo, and thus the real output is 1 watt per channel. This is not enough to drive standard hi-fi speakers, and definately not enough to drive powerful speakers. Thus, the breakout cable is pratically useless for the Mac mini and/or iFire, and the iFire is only of valid use if you already own Apple Pro Speakers.

    Unless you are lucky enough to have a Firewire daisy chain like I do, you lose your Firewire port completely. Even I would lose my Firewire port, albiet have the ability to connect my external hard drive, as the iFire does not have a second Firewire port.
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    wow, that was fast, thank you

    i feel rather silly now, as i'll be getting a usb hub and the idea of a firewire hub didn't occur :eek:

    ok, i'm taking the plunge :D
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    most of this went right over my head :(
    i do own apple pro speakers, i don't have a firewire daisy chain

    as it stands the only firewire device i have is my ipod, and i do have some regular speakers which i'm using at the moment

    so with a firewire hub and ifire am i ok? :confused:
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    iFire does not have a second Firewire port.
    Sorry that was a bit verbose the relevant part is above,a hub will cure that.
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    thank you :)

    i use macs at work but this will be my first mac at home so my knowledge is somewhat... non existent :p
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    Dont Hurt Me

    JBL/Harmon Kardon have their duet speakers that will plug into mini and they have solid reviews if you dont mind stereo. They are self powered and Apple sells them for $50, new egg about $40. These same speakers can work with a ipod or a mini. Just thought id mention it for anyone looking for some speakers with mini.

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