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Mac mini into media player?

Discussion in 'Mac mini' started by thestaton, Jan 15, 2007.

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    with the depressing specs on the apple tv, I'm wondering if it would be possible to turn a mac mini into a better media player on my 60" hdtv?

    does anyone know if there are guides?

    what I would love is to be able to play my itunes, dvd's, and if I decide to rip a dvd into divx have it stream from my iMac to the mac mini.

    if it could do something I'm not thinking of that would be even better :)
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    Well you could also you EyeTv (Elgato) to record TV. As for guides, I can't seem to find one singe guide/site that will tell you how do do all of what you mentioned. You would probably need to go to different sites for each step. I am planning to do the same thing myself:cool:
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    Don't know much about streaming, but maybe just get the new airport, plug in an external USB HD and share that way?
    This is a decent guide that might help you.
    Multimedia Mac Mini (click)
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    I would just get a hdmi to dvi converter $20. Hook up the sound via optical (or RCA) for 5.1 surround. All you need is a $300 5.1 receiver/speaker set with a sub-woofer. Then just rip the dvd on the mini itself. Or you can just set up a sharing folder between the two. Its real easy when you think about it. Dont forget bluetooth keyboard/mouse set. You can set up links in the movies folder to list your files on the other computer and watch them through front row.
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    Sorry that sounded a little too easy. I would look at your manual and see what kind of input resolution you tv will accept and through what cable. There have been problems with getting it all on the screen without overscan. That is why I love my projector. The dvi input recognizes my signal immediately.
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    Waiting for a Mac Mini Upgrade/Leopard but have been getting prepared with my Macbook.

    I have some DivX ripped and some TV programs from EyeTV. I've got a good setup/picture on the TV - not using Overscan but it doesnt't quite fill the whole screen - not enough for me to worry about yet. I may invest in SwitchResX or something on the Mini.

    I have Optical Audio cable and Reciever ready and waiting.

    Even have DivX files in my iTunes library......with a little help from Quicktime Pro.

    When I get the Mini, I might try and put up a website detailing all the steps.

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