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Mac Mini Media Center Basics, What should I buy?

Discussion in 'Mac mini' started by luisomtz, Feb 25, 2007.

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    Hi, recently i had buy a 23 inch Samsung Bordeux, A samsung HT-XQ100 home theater. And now I want to buy a mac mini for recording tv and use it as a media center. So what I need to buy?? I only have 860 dls for this media center. Will the Mac Mini Intel Run Windows XP Media Center Edition??? Thanks
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    Whilst a Mini can unofficially run WMC (search the forums for how) I'd suggest that a mini (even the lowest model) with an external hard drive and an eyetv works just as well, if not better than WMC.

    My set up:

    Mac Mini - 1.66Ghz - Combo Drive - 1GB Ram - 80Gb Drive (feel free to get the higher model mind, has a superdrive as standard if you plan on burning off any recordings)

    iOmega Minimax 250GB Hard Disk Drive - so I have room for all my media - set up an alias in the movies folder so front row can see the video, and point my recordings here too.

    An EyeTV - mine is a basic one from some time back, however get whatever the current model is that suits you now.
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    Yes, it will run XP just fine. But if you want to use it as a DVR, just stick with Mac. Get an EyeTV and a MiniStack with a big hard drive for extra storage space.
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    I would suggest an external hard drive, and the elgato eyetv hybrid or eyetv 250. The hybrid can do HD, but your mini has to do the video encoding which could bog down your processor. The 250 will encode the videos for you, but can't handle HD. If you plan on burning recorded programs, I have heard that roxio toast 8 is pretty good.
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    Thanks for the replys, But I want to know about the eyetv mini can I record tv and fast forward it? I think I would stick with a Mac Mini and a wireless mouse and keyboard. One question, in compusa, do they have all these things in their stores? Thanks
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    Yes. EyeTV is a DVR, that's all it does.

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