mac mini or imac for audio?

Discussion in 'Mac mini' started by jlee462, Dec 11, 2006.

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    I am considering getting a new mac specifically for processign drums in my studio. I will be running ableton 6 with a plugin called drumagog. About 12 instances of drumagog will need to run to replace drum sounds.

    This is all that I am going to use the computer for. therefore, my question is....Will I see a huge difference in performance between the intel core duo and the intel core 2 duo? Specifically with regard to the application I am using.

    Please let me know your thoughts.

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    Well it all depends on what config you need and if you already have a keyboard, display and mouse.

    The 17" imac with integrated graphics etc. is the same spec as the high end mini in terms of processor and graphics
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    the imac has a core 2 duo...the mac mini has a core duo. Therefore, would I see much difference in my audio application from a 1.83 ghz core duo to a 2 ghz core 2 duo.....
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    Whoops, forgot about that. Thanks jlee462! But the diff between the 1.83 core2 and the 1.83 core is just the 64 bit architecture which isn't much to woot about. But if money is not a problem the at least get one of the iMacs with seperate graphics and upgrade the RAM.
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    Musical Mini

    I'm using my Core Duo mac mini for garageband. It works fine...
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    The iMac also has a faster hard disk, you might want to consider that too.
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    If you have the money, get an iMac. If you don't have the money, get a Mac Mini. You would be more than fine with a Mac Mini in my opinion.

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