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mac mini or macbook?

Discussion in 'Mac mini' started by jjahshik32, May 5, 2008.

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    Should I get a mac mini or a macbook? I'm about to go to the applestore to complain about the screen buzz noise on my 17" hi res led mbp and want to get it exchange to a cheaper computer...

    whether or not tomorrow will have the updates on the macbook/macbook pro.. I just want to save $$ and either get the higher spec'd mac mini or a 2.4Ghz mb.. so far I'm leaning on the macbook as I can use it 90% of the time on my desk connected to my 23" ACD and the other 10% take it with me... I wished the mac mini were updated!
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    Macbook is certainly more useful and ironically more user upgradeable than the mini (Ram). I personally would do that for a personal computer.

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    and hard drive. not to mention is has its own built in UPS. :p
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    Is the HD user-upgradeable according to Apple?

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    Well you've tried everything else Apple offers in the Macintosh line, so why not just buy both, see which one you like more with your 23" ACD, then take the other one back? You don't seem to mind the 15% re-stock fee, so...
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    Well, sure enough it is a user-upgradeable part. Here is Apple's guide. I wish the MBP were this easy :p

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    MacBook all the way.

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