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Discussion in 'Mac mini' started by jimbo110, May 22, 2008.

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    My girlfriend is using my old mac mini G5 - 80GB. The problem she has at least 3000+ pictures and are getting more. The iPhoto often crash. Do you think it would help if she moved all pictures to another external harddrive or would it be possible to install iPhoto on external drive? Any suggestions would be very appreciated
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    u can run the pictures on iphoto when there on the ehd if that helps i do it with music and itunes
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    Would iPhoto work on a ehd
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    i was going to say yess aswell but im not interly sure so that guy told u
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    my dad has at least 5000 photos on his G4 ibook (1.25ghz) and it has no problems at all running iphoto.

    could i suggest increasing RAM, or making extra space on the HD (possibly by buying an external HD).?
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    i belive he did
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    oh, ok then sweet
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    yea he just wants to know how to run iphoto off it
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    oh is that all???

    1. copy iphoto (from applications) onto EHD.
    2. copy iphoto library (from user/photos) onto EHD.
    3. open iphoto from EHD.
    4. hold "option" key.
    5. choose location of library from EHD.

    your done
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    Thanks a lot guys. This is really helpful:):)

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