mac mini page on uk store different layout

Discussion in 'Mac mini' started by donbadman, Sep 6, 2006.

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    Could be nothing but the page llayout for the mini on the UK store is different to the USA with a lot of white space on the right hand side. could be nothing but...
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    Uh... they look pretty much the same to me. Wide margin on each side, info down the middle. :confused:
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    Looks the same here.
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    Has someone accidentally resized his browser window?
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    well in ie on win xp here at work they're definetly different layouts, the us store has both models side by side whilst the uk one has one on top of the other. it's different on winblows anyways!
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    nope the windows maximised on both.
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    They're the same. Its just your browser.

    The only difference is the currency/phone numbers etc., and the use of the word "expandability" in the UK store in place of "expansion" on the US.
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    It's always been a different layout in IE for me.
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    just an error in i.e. firefox is the same, whoopps!
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    Have they reduced the price of the top end one? I'm sure the core duo one was £599, now it is £529. Or am I behind the times?

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    Wait. Wait.

    On the US site, the Front Row screen-shot morphs to a picture of Bono, but the UK one doesn't.

    IT'S A SIGN. ;)
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    Yeah that happened quite a while ago...;)
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    I thought it might have once been more expensive on the Belgian site too. It's €809 now, but I don't remember what the price was yesterday.

    £529 is pretty cheap though (€780).
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    Apple Store has been taken offline in the UK. "Back within the hour".


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