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mac mini proc/HD replacement ?'s

Discussion in 'Mac mini' started by sn0zc0r3, Jun 29, 2008.

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    I just bought a core solo 1.5ghz mac mini with 2gb's of ram off someone on craigslist for $350. I want to replace the proc and HD to something much faster and larger, but I have a few questions that, in one way, have been answered in the past but are not specific enough for my needs.

    I would like to replace the core solo chip with a T9300 core 2 duo chip. I want to also replace the hard drive with a Seagate 200Gb 7200 rpm hard drive. My question is, is there a limit to what you can put in the mac mini in regards to the processor? can it handle 2.5Ghz? I've seen people replace them up to 2.1Ghz with no problems...

    Also, can it handle a 7200rpm hard drive? Will these 2 together overheat my mac mini?

    Just to clarify, the T9300 is 45nm so I'm assuming that makes a huge difference in regards to heat issues...
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    T9300 is socket P. minis are Socket M. Won't work.

    Best CPU you can get is T7600 2.33GHz C2D. Hard drive should be no problem as many people have done both upgrades and seen no appreciable increase in heat.
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    Holy crap those processors are expensive! Looks like I'll be waiting to replace that processor for awhile. :(
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    I would look for a used 1.66-1.83 Core Duo CPU. You would get more than double the performance for very little money.
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    T2500 (Core Duo 2.0 GHz) can be had pretty cheap and are almost as fast as the Core 2 Duo. The 2.0+ C2D do come with 4MB L2 instead of 2MB L2 on the rest of the CD and C2D line. There is a T2600 and T2700 too.

    I think I saw the local MicroCenter with T2500's for $50. Looks like eBay has some cheap too.
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    Easy upgrade on both accounts. You can find cheap Core Duo's in the Marketplace forums. Even a Core Duo 1.66 would be a great upgrade from that solo, until the prices drop on the 'still way too expensive cpu's'.

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