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Mac mini refresh?

Discussion in 'Mac mini' started by evanrousso, Nov 12, 2006.

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    Is there any indication that the mac mini line will be refreshed soon with C2D and maybe larger hard drive capacities?
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    LOL nothing substantive. It's important to note that the Mini did receive a refresh during the time period when everything else started getting C2D (eliminating the Core Solo model, etc). But everything else has C2D in it so I would assume that as availability increases, we will see C2D in the Mini. My guess is not during this calendar year, but it's just a guess. :)
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    Please stop making threads like these and wait until 2007...
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    sadly, the mini just got upgraded. Meaning we're probably looking at the current pitiful mini options for a while yet. :(
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    Hardly Pitiful... What more do you want a Mini to do than a 1.83CD and 2Gig of RAM can't handle. Maybe you need a Mac Pro...
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    Maxwell Smart

    I doubt the mini will get a refresh in 2006. But I do think it will get the C2D eventually if only for the 64-bit that apple seems to be pushing for leopard. So I'd have to say it is most likely to be refreshed before leopard.
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    There doesn't seem to be any need to refresh the mini. I've got the Core Duo 1.66GHz from when it was first released and, crikey, it's a lot of power for such a tiny package. Apple would do better to let the price fall than update anything about it IMHO, not that I wouldn't like to see much more technologically advanced mini's in the future as the form factor definitely has much more appeal than price alone.
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    It'd be better if they'd cut prices. The minis are WAY overpriced, if you compare them to the C2D iMacs and MacBooks.

    Either that or introduce a mini tower that has discrete graphics and a 3.5" HD.
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    I think there'll be a refresh with C2D, 802.11n and 200GB option, sooner rather than later. They want to push out the 802.11n ASAP to prepare for the iTV launch. I reckon it will happen this month. Maybe they'll even start throwing in 1GB of RAM in the more expensive model.
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    I don't see why they wouldn't. For early adopters to Leopard, the mini as it currently stands would only barely cut it.

    I never understood the argument that continuing to upgrade the min would cut in to the iMac sales. First of all, if the iMac is consistently upgraded itself than the mini will always be two steps behind them, secondly, what difference does it make the money all goes to the same company.

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    The difference is that Apple makes more money from the iMac than the mini and that Apple would rather have people buy the iMac over the mini. So cripple the mini to the point that it's only decent for a small number of people and make the iMac that much more appealing.
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    Hi guys,

    I did refresh Mac mini Intel Core Duo 1.66GHz myself. :D

    My system now is: Mac Mini Intel Core 2 Duo 2.0GHz with 2GB DD2 memory. This is monster, really fast and strong. :)

    I did screeshots right now and thats not fakes. You can see time.

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    would mini motherboard suport c2d processors?
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    I seriously question this assertion when both are configured to the same spec.
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    Yes it support Core 2 Duo and DDR memorys. I'm posting just from my Mac mini Intel core 2 duo. :)
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    whoah thats nice , i guess ill just get a mac mini and later on get a c2d procesor
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    Later you can get Santa Rosa processor. Thats next generation Intel mobile, which come out after January. :D
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    santa rosa is the chipset running a merom processor with 800mhz fsb iirc
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    It also has new features such as flash-booting and bleh-blah!;)
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    which is all very well if os-x supports it :D
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    Well, despite flashbooting being booting in around <10 secs, there are a lot of features (all OS X supported).

    The SR also has GMA X3000 and 802.11n, but the N is already on the C2D chips. Look in the MR Guides and find out what ye be looking for.;)
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    If Leopard does not have support for bleh-blah, I am switching to Vista! :mad: :D
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    As discussed in Apple Insider, I'm hoping for a matte Black prosumer mac mini which will let me use two screens :-D I dont need the power of a Mac Pro but I dont wanna' get rid of my two lovely sony screens :(

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