Mac Mini Server Not restarting after power outage

Discussion in 'Mac OS X Server, Xserve, and Networking' started by kk05629, Jun 26, 2010.

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    Greetings...I have a mac mini server that did not automatically restart after a power failure. I do have the the server power setting option "Start up automatically after a power failure" setting enabled (See attached screenshot)

    Are there any other settings I have to enable to get this feature working correctly? Or I am not completely understanding the setting (entirely possible :rolleyes:).

    Any direction is appreciated.

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    Looks like you did everything correctly. You can try the "reset the PRAM" trick (Reboot -- hold Command+Option+P+R until after the first chime [and subsequent reboot]), but I don't see any settings you can modify in the Open Firmware to get your computer to automatically restart after a power failure.

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    Click restore settings then reboot then edit to your needs and lock the settings. Reboot and test. Should sort it as I had to do this.
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    You would actually want to reset SMU, not PRAM. SMU handles all power functions.
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    Thinking outside the box here.... why not invest in a cheap UPS? With the power load of a Mini you should be able to run it off the battery for longish bit of time, plus if you get a UPS that connects to the Mini when the battery is about to deplete the Mini will gracefully shut down instead of having the rug pulled out from under the file system.

    Presumably you are using the server version because you want it to server something up as reliably as possible.

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    You still want the feature to work, as when OS X shuts down due to power failure while on a UPS, it will automatically restart when power returns.

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    Hi - Did you get this working? If so how? I have the same issue on the iMac I am using as the family server - the UPS will shut it down, but it doesn't come back up when the power is restored to the UPS.

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    Never got it working

    Sorry to say...I never could figure out how t get this to work. Got tired of I just abandoned the pursuit.

    All apologies.
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    Graceful shutdown by UPS


    We are taking a poll here:

    We have this same problem with our servers and exploring a solution from us.

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    If you have a Mid-2010 model.

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    I appreciate that laptops hibernate when the power is low, but would a desktop do that too?
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    Yeah if you have a UPS that OSX recognizes, it'll allow for auto shutdown on a predefined schedule.
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    That's neat, thanks.
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    It's true that OS X will support some UPSes and that you can configure how it reacts to a power outage in the Energy Saver preferences, but I've noticed that at least on my oooold Mac Mini (1.83GHz Core Duo model) that the "Restart automatically after a power failure" option only seems to work with *sudden* power outages, but *not* if OS X performs a graceful shutdown triggered by a UPS (I guess because then it is already off when the UPS battery finally dies, so that option no longer applies?). Which means I have to leave my UPS' USB cable unplugged from the Mac to make the auto-power-on option work.

    Which is annoying. :p

    -- Nathan
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    I have my Mini set to turn on at 6am (or so) on a schedule. If the system has had to turn off at night due to an overnight power outage it's back on when I wake up (if the power is on).... If the power is still off ... I think it might turn itself back on later when the power restores... but I'm not sure about that.... something to try out though, I suppose.
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    This is exactly what I do with all our systems that I need high-uptime. Set a wake time or even timer so that in the event the system is off, it will re-start at defined times.

    I've used Dell Power Managed UPS units as well as APC 1300's and didn't have much success with the power on following failure.

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