Mac Mini's....a good desktop?

Discussion in 'Mac mini' started by gazfocus, Feb 21, 2008.

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    I've recently bought a 2.16GHz Macbook Pro but want a desktop Mac.

    In the Summer, I plan on buying a Mac Pro but until then will a Mac Mini be any good for me or should I just use my Macbook Pro with a monitor, keyboard and mouse?

    I mainly do website developement and use photoshop
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    What's the need for all these high power machines? A MBP, and a Pro?
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    Because I practically live on a computer! The MBP is for when I'm at university or working on a train etc, and the Mac Pro will be for when I'm at home because the 15" screen isn't big enough for full time use.
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    From the indications of what you do, the MacPro is going to be overkill. Heck, I use a PowerBook 667 (DVI) for webwork, programming, Photoshop, and Gaming. I feel that a mini would be more than what you need, but an iMac would include the screen (for less than a mini and an Apple Display). In reality though, I suggest that you just purchase a keyboard, mouse, and display and use your MacBook Pro at home with those connected. It would be much cheaper and fewer computers to maintain.

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    The mini will have very similar performance to your MacBook Pro, after all they are almost identical inside with the exception of the graphics. The GMA950 in the mini will be fine with Photoshop.

    It is a good choice to keep you going until you get the Mac Pro as the 2nd hand prices for the mini on eBay UK are really high (well, it's good if you are selling :) )
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    Thanks for your comments however, I have already gone through the agony of whether to buy an iMac or Mac Pro and I have detailed these in threads before.

    Firstly, I currently have a Windows PC which is the same spec as the current highest spec iMac and I'm not prepared to spend £1400 on a computer virtually the same as I have now, even if it does mean I can use OSX on it.

    Secondly, I will start doing video editing (nothing heavy and an iMac probably would be sufficient) but again, I'm not prepared to spend £1400 on a dual core desktop system anymore (especially when the low end Mac Pro is the same price).

    Thirdly, I already have a 23" ACD which I will be using with the Mac Pro so the cost of a monitor isn't an issue.

    The final reason I decided to go with a Mac Pro is because of it's upgradeability. I use a lot of storage and will probably use a lot more when I start video editing and ripping my DVD's to my computer for use with my Apple TV.

    Thanks for your comments. The reason I'm considering a Mac Mini over using my Macbook Pro is because I don't have enough desk space to use the MBP with a monitor.

    I will have a look at ebay prices. Thanks again

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