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mac monitor on pc

Discussion in 'Mac Help/Tips' started by thecube84, Feb 17, 2002.

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    does anyone know how to connect a macintosh monitor (ie apple 15 av) to a pc (vga 486... ooh it looks so ugly in my room with all my apple posters.) i would like to replace the crappy svga display with a nice pretty mac monitor. any ideas???

    i saw a vga-mac adapter on ebay, but the auction ran out before i had a chance to buy it :(
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    Which model monitor are you talking about?? There are adapters to allow old Apple monitors to be connected to either newer Mac systems, or even *shudder* peecee's. They used to come with G3 blue and white systems, but I am sure that someone is still making them. Check around, they should be fairly cheap to aquire.
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    You have to call a very experience Apple store. I had one of thouse adaptors, they are like the VGA to Mac but backwards.

    Look in the internet first, but look at it as a Mac feature.

    They are more popular right now because early G4 came with VGA out put and people had Apple monitors yet.
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    That would be the puppy... I have a draw full of them at work, since they used to come with G3 blue and white systems as well as the laptops.
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    well would you mind givin me one?

    no im serious becuase i just got out bid

    that stinks


    (draw full of em)

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