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Mac NAS enclosure

Discussion in 'Mac Peripherals' started by Lucagfc, Jun 16, 2011.

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    I' m searching to a really simple NAS enclosure to Share on the network my 2TB S-ATA HDD. Can anyone suggest me a simple enclosure with a little price that works well? thanks!
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    You should probably elaborate.

    What are the clients. All Macs? Does it need to share with Windows/Linux too?

    Is this an empty drive or is there data already on it you need to share? What format is it in HFS+? NTFS? EXT2/3? FAT? ....

    How low is low cost? Do you mean < $200? $100? $50....

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    Great questions. Without knowing the answers, Synology ds110j is my suggestion.
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    I use only Mac Client (MacBook Pro, Apple TV and iOS devices). The HDD is empty and i prefer to spend less than 100$ Thanks!
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    The <$100 devices you will find are better suited to Windows environments. The Synology unit ia a bit more expensive but will do a good job of supporting your devices.

    You could look at Macsales/OWC for other Mac-y options...

    The rumored iOS time capsule might even serve your ATV if and when it comes out...

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    I need to find something that is easy to buy here in Italy. OWC shipment to Italy cost 60 $ !! I search for the Synology ds110j now....

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