Mac not authorized to sync apps? Wuh?

Discussion in 'iPod' started by megahertz, Jul 27, 2009.

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    OK look, this is the situation.

    I recently downloaded iPod 3.0 software and ever since, whenever I try to sync apps from iTunes... they won't. I can only download them from the App Store on the iPod. When there's an update on the iPod for an app I bought on iTunes, it installs then disappears.

    I click "Sync" and all the apps sync, but nothing is there. It says "This computer is not authorized to install ... blah blah"

    I've tried the Authorize button but still nothing.

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    Is the computer and the iPod using the same iTunes account?
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    yes they are both on my same iTunes account.
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    Are you open to constructive criticism? Is should be are. :)
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    You could try to Restore the iPod.

    You're right, but I'm taking vicodin, so my grammar isn't top notch tonight.
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    I'll do that. Be back with results.

    (I'm amazed I didn't think of that :l)
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