Mac OS 7.5.3 on iBook Clamshell?

Discussion in 'PowerPC Macs' started by sawmaster, Mar 15, 2009.

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    Hey, I'm not sure if this is the right place to ask. I didn't find any other forums to put this in.

    Can I run Mac OS 7 .5.3 on my iBook Clamshell? Am I providing enough info? If you need more info, I'll tell you.

    Right now I'm copying some files over to my hdd drive, getting ready to clear 68 something MB's off. I will then put Mac OS 7 in the root (almost). Will this power pc thing do it? It seems that it's like the old Macintosh's, just more powerful and better.

    Thanks in advance, Ben (sawmaster, of course).
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    No it won't work. OS 7 doesn't have the necessary drivers for the iBook. Depending on what model the iBook is, the lowest you could run on it is OS 8.6, no lower.

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    Darn. well i just downloaded mac os 8.6 from the apple websites. is this just an update? when i tried to install these things, it said "This program cannot run on your computer. See the documentation for more information." So I see'd the documentation for more information. :p

    It was no help. Also Dmac77, your right, mac os 7 installer said it didn't recognize this computer.

    MAC OS 7.5.3:

    MAC OS 8.6:
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    That OS 8.6 is probably only an updater to bring 8.5 to 8.6. It is not the full OS.
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    That would just be an update. You need to purchase OS 8.6 from someone, Apple hasn't classified OS 8.6 as abandonware. Also, what are the specs of the iBook? Depending on when the iBook was made, you may not be able to run OS 8.6 on it. If you post the specs, I'll tell you what OS you need for it.

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    Info for shipping OS specs (minimum os) and latest OS it can run:
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    I opened About This Mac and this is what I see. (oh and it's running Mac OS X Tiger, v10.4.2. I upgraded it from mac os 9 to it and never dumped 9. My macbook wont open those update things, but mac os 9 on my ibook can.)

    Processor: 366 MHz PowerPC (of course) G3

    Memory: 320 MB SDRAM

    Startup Disk: Macintosh HD (again, of course)

    I opened System Profiler and here's the Hard Ware overview....
    Hardware Overview:
      Machine Name:    iBook
      Machine Model:    PowerBook2,2
      CPU Type:    PowerPC 750  (22.2)
      Number Of CPUs:    1
      CPU Speed:    367 MHz
      L2 Cache (per CPU):    256 KB
      Memory:    320 MB
      Bus Speed:    67 MHz
      Boot ROM Version:    4.1.7f4
      Serial Number:    UV1110SGJQ5
      Sales Order Number:    K0936LL/A
    Any more questions?
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    You're going to have to run OS 9.0.4 or higher on that iBook. The FireWire iBooks (the serial number indicates that it has FireWire) shipped with OS 9.0.4, that is the minimum that you can run on it. OS 8.6 won't have the necessary drivers for that iBook.

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    Darn, i guess that ain't gonna work. Thanks! Do you know of a very simple to setup emulator for mac os 7 or 8? Is that even possible to do on intel? I know mac os 9 has been emulated before.
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    Why do you want to run os 7 or 8?

    They are pretty useless compared to OSX.
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    Maybe for nostalgia, or he finds that the iBook is extremely slow under OS X. I have a dual USB G3 (500 MHz), and it's not the most pleasant experience to run it under Tiger. Whatever the OP's reasons, he can't do it.

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    Yes, tiger is pretty slow on it. It's ok. There's another reason. I am kinda curious about these old systems and want to learn about them. I'm also making something called JSOS (Javascript Operating System) that looks like the old operating systems. I want to study the operating system's on my iBook but it appiers it won't work. Does anybody know any kind of way I could run mac os 7 or 8 or something very old on my macbook or ibook? Is there a good emulator?
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    I've heard of emulators that let you run programs that were made for OS 7 & 8, but I've never heard of run that lets you run the entire OS. you could try to find a PowerBook 3400c somewhere. They shipped with OS 7.6, but I can't find any on eBay. You could probably find one for under $50.

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    10.2 or 10.3 should work ok.

    You can turn off dashboard in tiger.
    Install more RAM.
    Get faster harddrive.

    Why not learn the improvement of modern OS over older OS? Such as stability, usability, etc.

    Otherwise you can look on craigslist. Often times you will see really old macs on it for almost nothing.
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    What is a Javascipt Operating System if I may ask?
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    Its a html page that looks like an operating system. It acts like an operating system. It uses javascript for many things. Here's the url if you want to see it.

    I don't like posting that because I feel like I'm spamming.

    UPDATE: Your signature is also long. Read the rules.
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    Ha cool idea! It's going to look awesome when it's done, how usefull will it be? saving text documents etc?

    Signature changed as well, was unaware of the rules
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    Yup! Thanks! I'm planning to make the "big change". It will include a 50% (i guess) more realistic design, (like the traditional apple menu, icons changed, better settings, better crashes, ect) and more.

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