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mac os 8.5 and osc x 10.2

Discussion in 'Mac Help/Tips' started by LordiCe, Feb 10, 2003.

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    I installed mac os x 10.2 on my G3, and when i started up
    again in 8.5 i couldn`t det back too os x..
    How do i do that??
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    You will need to boot from a CD probably. The latest versions of OS 9 include an enhanced startup disk control panel to allow you to select the OS X disk/folder. I don't think Apple support OS 8/ OS X dual boots so there is not a new control applet for OS 8.
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    Hold down the 'X' key when you turn on/restart your computer until it boots into os X. I don't know if this works on all NewWorld mac's.
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    Nah I have an older G3 MiniTower and I find holding X or Option on startup does didly squat! I had to upgrade to at least 9.1 to get back to X and thats a problem when 9 freezes on startup, it was a pain in the @$$, but I got it to work... "Good luck, your gonna need it..." Han Solo
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    there is a key combination that i've forgotten, but I fyou hold it down it will force the computer to boot up on another system other than the one that is the startup disk. I used this on my beige g3 but I can't rmemebr what it was.
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    yes it is the SODA keystroke...SHIFT-OPTION-DELETE-APPLE(commmand) :D It forces the computer to look for another way to startup throught all the connections liek external drives and internal drives. I like it, it saves my arse sometimes, lol

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