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Mac OS X 10.3.2 Released

Discussion in 'MacRumors News Discussion (archive)' started by MacRumors, Dec 17, 2003.

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    Apple released Mac OS X 10.3.2 in your Software Update:

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    awesome, doing the update now. hope all goes well
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    Love to update!!!!
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    I hope it fixes the QPS problem.
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    Battery update and 10.3.2 on 12" Book going on right now.
    I'm very excited about the new drivers! Lets see how she does...
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    i am so there! I hope this fixes all the stuff that was causing others grief

    and battery update sounds exciting!
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    Does anyone know how big this update is? It hasn't shown up in the downloads section yet...
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    38.2 megs
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    Sweet. Hopefully "new ATI drivers" that let my G4 wake up from sleep properly. We'll see...
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    Battery Update and 10.3.2. Today is awsome:D
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    Works fine on Dual 2ghz G5

    Just installed on my dual 2ghz G5. Works great, although I don't notice any differences.
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    D/ling now... let's see if this blows ;-)

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    The document link does not work for me... anyone???
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    my download is horribly SLOOOOOWWWW. Apple must be getting hit hard for this or something. All of my other large downloads are moving along at around 300kb a sec
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    sweet. this was released pretty much right when i opened safari to Macrumors. (still said "Add Comments") :p

    hmm... maybe this will fix my Activity Moniter.app not working...
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    I got it AMAZINGLY fast. Yay for Comcast upping bandwidth to 3Mbps.

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    I just updated the battery and NOW THIS!
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    Restart took quite a bit longer than usual..and things seem to run a little bit on the draggy side..anyone exp. the same thing?
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    Yea, i'm getting abuot 460k down instead of the 230k I got about a week ago... ;)
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    Yeah, my startup time was a little slower, I'm repairing permissions now, hope that'll speed things up a bit.
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    Powerbook G5

    Is it just me or is OS 10.3.2 really, really slow now? It takes me an extra 8 seconds to boot up and snappiness is even worse than Jaguar was by quite a bit. I repaired permissions and checked my disk just in case and everything should be fine... :(
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    I swear it's taking 2x the time than before to boot up.
    It seems to take a bit more time than usual at the gray screen and apple screen.

    THEN, Loading the menus and desktop took A LONG TIME...!!! You really notice it!!!

    I rebooted it twice just to make sure..
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    Apple still haven't got Dual Head working correctly.

    My monitor is capable of 1152xXXX, yet it doesn't show up in Display Preferences. I get 1024.768 and 1280x768. Unfortunately, at 1280x768, the refresh rate is too low - only 60Hz.

    1024.x768 is too small resolution, and 1152 is just right - has good refresh rates available.

    I know Panther is capable of 1152xXXXX resolutions, because it gives the option on another 17" monitor I've used.

    I shall see whether Apple have fixed Networking - can find that out tomorrow at work - can't see any PC machines on the network. Jaquar I could see all machines.
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    You tell us now while i'm downloading it! :)
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    Slowness of 10.3

    Well, I'm going to wait before installing 10.3.2 for a bit. I can say that with an "Archive and Install", my 10.3.0 and 10.3.1 are CONSIDERABLY slower than 10.2.x ever was. Permissions are not a problem. I've got a Dual 800 with 1.25 Gigs of RAM.

    Specifically, there are several things slower, and a few faster.

    Good news with 10.3.1: Start up is definitely faster (haven't timed it though).

    Bad news: Simple functions in the finder are much slower. Although menus are about the same, Command-Deleting files to the trash are MUCH slower. Also, scrolling through image previews or movie previews are INCREDIBLY slow in column view, whereas in 10.2.x or even 10.1.x, they were <0.5 seconds. Now, although variable, I have to wait ~1 second to as long as 10 seconds (even for small <100 kb .jpg files) before the preview shows up.

    I've also had intermittent wake from sleep problems that I hope are fixed with 10.3.2 (I've got a GeForce 3).

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