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Mac OS X 10.4.9 (8P2111) Seeded to Developers

Discussion in 'MacRumors.com News Discussion' started by MacRumors, Dec 21, 2006.

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    Apple has seeded Mac OS X 10.4.9 (8P2111) to developers tonight. The newest version of Tiger (10.4) promises fixes to a number of areas.

    A number of fixes have been documented. Among those, include bugs wtih Sync Service Engine, rsync and extended attributes, .Mac Sync, Rosetta, USB Modem and caller ID, Bluetooth device pairing, USB modem busy tone detection, QC Engine, Core Graphics and HID Manager, PDFKit and MallocGuardEdges, and Automator Actions.

    Meanwhile, Apple asks developers to stress certain areas for testing beyond those described in the bug fixes. These areas include Adobe Flash, bash, bind, Bonjour, Dashboard Widgets, FireWire, Fonts, gnutar, Graphics, and iChat Video Conferencing.

    Apple last publicly updated Tiger (10.4.x) on September 29th, 2006.

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    Wow, I was wrong (no surprise :)) I thought they weren't going to release another version. But They actually did it. I wonder when it's released to the public?
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    Well, it's good to see the last version of Tiger out the door. Now make room for Leopard at MWSF '07!! :D:D:D
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    Heh... No.

    Most likely it'll be about a month till we see 10.4.9 in Software Update - so sometime after MWSF to allow any new hardware to speak to our current Macs.
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    ...eh... about to download...

    ...this where they break tiger so that we truly appreciate leopard.
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    Oooh, rsync merits attention in a dot upgrade to OS X? Niiiice! :)
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    Since the release date for Leopard is "spring", which could technically very well mean June actually, I expect at least a 10.4.10 after this, maybe even a last 10.4.11 around the time Leopard comes out.

    Didn't Panther get a last update after or around the time Tiger came out?
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    I would hope Apple could to math and realize their naming scheme would end at 4.9.

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    I hope that when they say "bluetooth device pairing" they mean that they're going to fix it so that non-apple bluetooth devices can wake the computer without waking it from sleep repeatedly and unintentionally...
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    But the decimals are not used as a numbering system. Since the decimal is not a number it could go to 10.4.29 or higher, as the number 29 indicates 29 patches or fixes.(it certainly beats: OSX 10, Version 4, patch 9)

    Why is this brought up so much?
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    You might enjoy this aging thread:


    and especially this bit of wisdom:

    Right, what Kresh said.
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    Hhmm, I actually assumed -=|Mgkwho was just kidding, saying that...
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    Hey, whatever dudes, at least we're (theoretically) getting a further improved Tiger soon, and one step closer to Leopard, right?
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    I'm beginning to think that 10.5 is going to be released with Vista. Apple may be leveraging its press.

    I like it.
  15. hob
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    This looks like it may well be the last version of 10.4. Whilst I agree about the fact that they could go to 10.4.10, history is against us with this one.

    Also, the fact they've asked developers to flesh out certain areas makes me think they want this to be the "definitive" version of Tiger.

    Has anyone else noticed that when watching anything flash-based in safari... If you deselect that window, the framerate goes down by at least 50%...

    Hopefully they're fixing that! It'd make my week!
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    no way. vista, technically, is already released. it's certainly RTM and well beyond gold master.

    10.5 hasn't even reached release candidate status yet. i don't think we'll see it until april or may.

    i also suspect macworld is going to release some pretty significant upgrades. time machine and spaces, while unequivocally cool and fairly hefty programming challenges are built upon existing unix applications/services.

    ditto the ichat, calendar, spotlight, safari and mail enhancements. all are nice new features, but definitely doable within a typical 18 month product cycle.

    64bit support, resolution independent UI and core animation all strike me as technology that has been under development prior to 10.4 so while those are very challenging projects it seems apple has been working on them for 36+ months.

    i don't know what they're going to do, but a new UI seems a safe bet. a new finder doesn't seem too preposterous either. based on the note here about specifically testing out adobe flash, i have a feeling that we might see some sort of advanced integration with apollo to help counter windows' WPF thing. maybe even native support for actionscript (e.g. python and ruby)? yikes! that would be so cool.
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    There's not been enough publicity for a full, retail launch for Leopard at MWSF. Perhaps we'll get a launch date that coincides with Vista as you're saying as that might be enough time. I doubt it though. We'll probs just see more of it. The hype around Tiger's launch date went on for months IIRC.

    And yeah, will the decimal point pedants get out of here and realise that that argument has been done and dusted a long, long time ago.
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    Well, history is telling us the last version number is getting higher and higher. Previous last versions:
    They never use the same last number twice! :D

    That's standard procedure, they fiddle with some code and ask testers to focus on that changed part. They've asked similar questions each update.
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    Cool. I would not have thought there would be another version this close to 10.5 Bring it on I love them software updates.
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    I'm glad that Apple's continuing to update Tiger. I don't really understand why anyone would have a problem with this.
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    3+ months isn't all that close. We could still see another point release to Tiger before Leopard lobs.
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    I hope I hope I hope the rsync and tar fixes will deal with the ACL problems.
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    so what group, exactly, DO you Gallifreyans get along with? Or tolerate? Must be lonely out there, compadre.
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    They won't try releasing near Vista. Release before Vista and everyone talks about you until the end of Jan and then they forget about you. Release right after and you look like you are trying too hard to do a "me too". Apple will wait it out and release as soon as the hubub about Vista dies down so people will look at it and go "hey, this is much better" and it will make OS X the most up-to-date system.
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    Darn, this means the chance of Leopard at MWSF '07 had gone out the window but still...bring in the updates---Leopard or not!

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