Mac OS X 10.4 Tiger Review

Discussion in ' News Discussion' started by MacBytes, May 3, 2005.

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    Nice way of saying he's an ignorant PC user before using a Mac.
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    Huh what? :confused: Anand is one of the most balanced and knowledgeable computer technology reviewers out there, and his Mac articles over the past year have been great. I consider his occasional criticisms of the Mac to be more inspiring than the constant praises of some Apple buck-kissers. Don't be fooled -- he's a big Apple fan these days, and his viewpoint is very valid.
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    I thought it was a good read overall, and as I am not now an early adopter of new OS's and therefore don't have Tiger yet, I found his comments useful to me. Obviously it would be hard to cover every single aspect of Tiger in depth, but it was a good first hit, and very positive. His point of view, for me, was well balanced and his criticisms, comments on bugs and comparisms with Windows related stuff informative.
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    I love his section on Tiger's Quicktime 7. Very informative and in-depth.
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    A good article, covering new ground.

    And clearly Apple DID leave a few things for 10.4.1... and I THINK I can contain myself and not install until then. I think :)

    Cool! Didn't know that.

    (BTW, what happens if you type a Spotlight search and simply hit Return? Do you get the Top Hit? Or do you have to scroll down and choose something first, before Return will do anything?)
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    I'd rather he said that he hadn't spent enough using it or iChat than fill up his review with other people's hyperbole or opinions. I'm sure that he'll fill in those gaps once he has used those apps a little more.

    I thought it was an excellent balanced review although I was surprised by his comments on lack of perceivable performance improvements. Although my boot times haven't decreased, I have found that the GUI and iApps are more responsive on my Powerbook.

    Going back to read his first 'OS X' review, I was equally impressed. I'm considering sending it to new 'switchers' to give them a few pointers of how things work in OS X rather than Windows.
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    It's a good review. And I don't feel so bad about having to wait a few months now.

    (I don't like to install new system software until others have had a chance to try it out for a while, so I don't get bitten by a nasty bug - like the one that clobbered FireWire drives when 10.3 first shipped.)
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    Snap, I got that one and the disappearing RAM act, so as much as I want to be an early adopter, I have to curb my enthusiasm :(

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