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Mac OS X 10.5.2: Optional Translucent Menubar, DVD/CD Sharing

Discussion in 'MacRumors.com News Discussion' started by MacRumors, Jan 21, 2008.

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    Some screenshots of the new features found in the Mac OS X 10.5.2 seed have been detailed by BabyGotMac.com. Amongst the new features:

    - Transparency in the menu bar is now optional and can be set in Desktop Preferences:


    - DVD/CD sharing preferences, allowing you to share your optical drive with the upcoming MacBook Air.
    - List view in Stacks as previously mentioned:


    - One screenshot claims that network drives are now enabled with Time Machine. This is not an accurate statement, however, as Time Machine does have limited network drive capabilities in Mac OS X 10.5.1. Time Machine specifically does not allow Airport Extreme network drives, and as far as is known, this situation has not changed in 10.5.2.
    - Meanwhile, we've received word that Apple has included a new Time Machine menubar pulldown that gives you the status of TimeMachine and allows you to initiate a backup, open preferences and see the time of the last backup

    MacScoop provides an itemized list of all the fixes and changes in the 10.5.2 seed as described in the seed notes, however, Apple does not detail every change.

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    This is ludicrous. They disabled it right before Leopard shipped, yes you can do a hack (heck I posted it here)... but suddenly it'll work with a Time Capsule?

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    Good news for hose who can't stand the transparent menu bar ;)
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    But we can never bring back roundies. :(
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    A seemingly short time from now all devices and resources will be accessable via wireless and even remote IP methods.

    CPU's, drives, printers, discs, refrigerators, light switches, phones, and even cars.

    The time is neigh.

    Remember which ego-maniac brought it to reality, not Bill, but Steve. RDF indeed.

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    That's awesome... thanks Apple!
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    "Transparency in the menu bar is now optional and can be set in Desktop Preferences"

    Yes!!! Thanks Apple. Can't wait for update
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    10.5.2 is looking like the best Mac OS X update in ages. I hope it's better then 10.4.4.
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    Translucent Menubar is now optional? Thank you! :) It's good to know Apple is listening to user feedback.
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    It's nice to have a choice..... looks like a great update so far...
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    Looking forward to it! Optional translucent is a relief to me.
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    :O Oh please oh please oh please..network backup!!!!
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    Guess we'll know within a week or two.

    Since the MBA is shipping, and needs certain features of 10.5.2, guess it isn't rocket science to guess when we'll see it.
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    List view in stacks? Great.

    Optional translucent menu bar? Surprisingly, not that awaited from me...It's been less annoying than I thought...
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    You would think that they would enable network backup because of Time Capsule and all.
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    Victor ch

    Translucent menu-bar disable option:eek::eek::eek: FINALLY, now I can have my green background without it looking weird when all in the screen is not so vivid and the menu-bar is shiny and not cool looking to me.

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    The latest build that i just d/l from the ADC 9C16 the transparent option has been taken out so don't get your hopes up people... that screenshot is from build 9C7
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    The "translucent menu bar" option should really be in Appearance settings, not Desktop settings.
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    I liked the option for translucent menubar. When they first showed off Leopard, I was a fan of the translucent menubar, but after using leopard for a few months I am tired of it.
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    They must've done the translucent menu bar not just for aesthetics but so you'd get less burn-ins, but it seems as thought since I've installed Leopard from the first weekend that by the time I shut down everyday now, my temporary burn-in shows up....It's shown up more since Leopard, in other words.
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    I love how people think Apple just does things to piss people off, or for no good reason.

    Even if it was related to a marketing concept that they wanted to fully realize with a new product line... So be it.
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    The only thing I wanna know is this update going to actually allow adobe CS3 to work properly? I know there are a lot of people riding on such an update. Adobe's website claims it will, but is there any word? I could care less about translucent anything.
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    I miss my snappy white menu bar! Thanks Apple. Now just bring back that stock :)
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    :( that would suck. I liked the old bar from tiger
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    Thankfully we wont need to hear of it any longer (as long as it's still an option), and I still don't see what the problem is :p Steve jobs probably didn't like the solid colour and decided that if he didn't like it, no one should have it

    I think it blends in with the background really nicely, which is what they were going for I believe. So the only focus would be on the window your using, not anything else.

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