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Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard 9A499 Icons and Screenshots

Discussion in 'MacRumors.com News Discussion' started by MacRumors, Aug 14, 2007.

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    ThinkSecret has published another gallery of images from the latest build of Mac OS X 10.5 (Leopard) with a focus on many of the new Finder icons which are displayed in high resolution screenshots.

    They note that Apple's Leopard icons support higher resolution icons than the 128x128 pixel size limit in previous versions of Mac OS X. Accordingly many of the Finder icons resolutions have been increased.

    Article Link
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    Can someone explain to me why we need higher resolution icons? They're ridiculously big is at is already.

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    The higher the standard resolution gets for new machines, the smaller those icons are going to seem at a maximum size/magnification.
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    Big screens, higher native res on the already big screens, and also to be cool.
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    expose icon is ugly
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    agreed. It's not really worth it at all in my opnion... can someone tell me why it would be? Resolution independence?
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    As screen resolutions get better, and screens get larger everything will need to be vector or extremely high resolution.
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    Same for Spaces and Screen Sharing. I hope they're just placeholders.
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    Eric Lewis


    the new iMac is amazing..look at the AL and Glass! wow
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    hate hate hate

    I hate hate hate those new blue folders. Really hate them. What are they thinking?
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    Cover Flow definitely needs a set of icons in higher resolution.
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    Yeah--but that is just eye candy.... :apple:
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    To be honest, I don't want to sit in front of a 35"-40" monitor to do my computer work.

  14. hob
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    Look nice.

    this waiting is getting painfully slow... WHERE'S OCTOBER WHEN YOU NEED IT?! :p
  15. hob
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    You don't have to - but now those who do can have super shiny icons :)
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    How many people would want to work in front of a 24" monitor 5 or so years ago. It would seem much too extravagant; but now...
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    Couldn't agree more, it's an abomination.

    They already have a decent looking icon for exposé in system preferences, just enlarge it to 256x256 and call it a wrap.
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    I believe that they can be changed to a tan color, but the overall look is the same.

    those aside, the icons look great.

    native screen sharing is going to rock.
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    "Weh weh weh, make these icons so big?"

    "Boo whoo, the blue folders and icons are ugly."

    Geez, some of you guys... nit-picking much? :mad:

    Shut up and enjoy Leopard when it comes in October. :)
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    Need probably has little to do with Apple's mindset. They're moving in a direction, maybe it's 3d.
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    iCal icon looks, er... pixelated. (edit: just seen the note above it)

    Why do we even need an exposé icon? Just wonderin' ;)
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    Eric Lewis


    the new imac is great
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    Those saying it's overkill to have icons larger than 128x128... I suppose I agree on the actual icon side of things, but Mac OS currently doesn't have a dedicated thumbnails view mode, and right now I only ever use icon mode in Tiger as a thumbnail view at 128x128... I can definitely see myself using icon view in a larger size in Leopard, just to see image previews better.
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    i cant remember if they said that 10.5 would be universal or not but i guess the question is answered in the screen sharing photo.
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    Well, don't you think they just look better. And as been said where is October this is starting to take as long as Christmas. But what the hey enjoy.:p

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