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    AppleInsider looks at the upcoming Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard Finder and also provides some historical perspective. Overall the Leopard Finder is described as "a clean refinement of what we already have in Tiger" with a number of subtle and useful updates.


    Meanwhile, Leopard's Cover Flow is described as "more useful than one might imagine" since Leopard will now generate a live preview icon of the actual contents of any file.
    Other features described include Quick Look, Spotlight Search, and Finder window.

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    Looks good :)
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    Can't wait for leopard! Features just look too enticing.
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    I just called the Apple Store as i wanted to know if i buy an iMac now would i have to pay for Leopard later or get a discount !!!

    He basically told me to wait few day's and that to email him after so he can put my order in priority with Leopard !!!!!

    So exiting !!! :D:apple:
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    Yeah it does look good. But bring it out already! Come on Apple!
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    I want some more Spotlight power.

    I want to query a set of folders to see what files don't already have Spotlight comments.

    If you can do this in Tiger, please show me. :D

    I want Quick Look so I can save a little time by not having to fire up Preview. Not that Preview is a slouch.
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    If you're as unorganized as me, this will be a great feature!
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    No more pretty screenshots please! I want the real thing already! ;)
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    It must take quite a bit of processing to render every html file in a folder. I wonder how old a Mac you can use and how big a folder you can view without a noticeable lag?
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    I need to use it for a while before giving my impression, because as it stands right now, the Tiger Finder is highly underserving. It lacks so many features that have been mainstays in the Windows Explorer for years. When I had to get a Windows laptop for work, I was amazed at what I could accomplish inside the Explorer.
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    There's a chance that there will be a hidden cache.

    We all love Thumb.db, right?
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    You could do it if you bust out the applescript

    just like we all love ds_store
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    Never mind. They're PDF's. I thought Finder was showing image contents of folders. Oh well.
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    Back to Automater and AppleScript it is. Oy!

    If you have any experience I'd appreciate some help.

    Quite true.
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    I want more news on leopard. When is it going GM? its already the 9th of october it must be soon. I cant wait any longer, i think i need to take a deep breath :D :apple:
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    I''ll give you some help but i'm currently crippled with learning dvorak that typing is a pain. Give me a couple of days or start a new thread I'm sure other are better at applescript than me.
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    I'll start another thread in Mac Programming. I tried about two years ago with no luck.
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    I saw this article over the weekend while I was getting increasingly frustrated with no new news, things sound promising and although I have already had a little play, I can't wait to have the real thing in my hands and finally just be content with having it.
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    My favorite improvement that wasn't mentioned....

    One of my biggest annoyances with Finder has been with mounted network drives. I would be at home or at a client's site and I would have a shared volume mounted on my desktop from another machine on the network. After my work was done, I would forget all about that mounted volume and simply close my laptop and move on. The next time I opened my MacBook, the Finder stalls and I can't do anything until Finder lets go of the mounted volume. This problem is absent in Leopard Finder. I tried it out yesterday myself :p
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    What's that screenshot of iTunes doing in a story about the new Finder? :D ;)
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    Cover Flow in Finder.
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    This feature is also pretty useless to any modern website that is driven off of a middleware language or database/CMS. Static HTML pages are quickly becoming a thing of the past.
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    Ship it already!
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    I have to say though that every time I use coverflow in Leopard I find myself wanting to swipe my finger across my display lol.
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    If I've heard correctly, Leopard has two of the three things I've most wanted forever:

    1. Spring-loading (spacebar) on Dock folders.

    2. Sorting Column view by name OR date.

    I don't know whether it has the third feature:

    3. Updating date-sorted lists instantly, always, BEFORE you click on Finder, so that things don't re-shuffle away from you when you try to click from another app :eek:

    Not when it comes to the HTML documents most people browse on their machine: web pages, HTML manuals, etc. that they have saved for later reference. This rendering of pages live is not meant as a web-developer's tool (though it does no harm to web developers) but will be very useful to the rest of the world.

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