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Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard's Time Machine

Discussion in 'MacRumors.com News Discussion' started by MacRumors, Oct 12, 2007.

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    AppleInsider explores the new Time Machine backup feature in the upcoming Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard.
    The article goes into some depth as the workings of Apple's backup solution. Apple also discusses Time Machine on their site and provides a QuickTime video demonstrating the new feature.

    Mac OS X Leopard is expected to be released later this month. Gold Master was expected to be declared this week, but we've not yet heard an update on this status.

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    we want Gold Master!
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    My favorite part.
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    Much Ado

    The one app that really makes Leopard attractive, and it's a back-up solution.

    Funny how it goes, isn't it?
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    Awesome article. For me, Time Machine is my *most* anticipated new feature of Leopard. I can't wait to get my hands on it. However, I do have some questions that hopefully peeps on here can answer:

    1. Approximately how much space is this going to take up as time goes on? Is there anyway to "stop" Time machine after a period of time for certain areas and/or time periods?

    2. Can you create a backup of the Time Machine Backup?

    3. How do you do a full restore if your main system crashes?

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    You Mean We Can Backup Our Work?

    Wow what an advanced concept. :rolleyes:
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    Time to buy a new external HDD
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    i guess they are going to keep going through the features of leopard with each new topic.....hopefully the next one is the release date.
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    You'll find the answers to all your quesitons and more in our dedicated Time Machine FAQ. :cool:

    Your contributions are always appreciated Multimedia. :rolleyes: :p
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    Thant's my favorite part. :p
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    Read the article and you'll see why the technology behind it makes it an advanced concept, or at the very least makes backing up as easy and intuitive as it should be (Gasp! Apple making something that's already standard more easy and intuitive and thereby improving the experience greatly? Who would've guessed?).
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    What's advanced is how easy and idiot proof it is, along with versioning.

    I'm running the beta and it's saved my ass once.

    I know, yada, yada, not for production, yada.

    As for backing up the backup, I don't know. I guess you could point its save disk at another machine that is running it, or do a "normal" backup on that machine.
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    I just purchased a 750GB SATA drive for my Mac Pro in anticipation of Time Machine ;)
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    I think he meant use the backup of the time machine data. Sure you can make a copy of the data. Time Machine creates a folder called Backups.backupdb where ever you decide to back up to. However, I do not see a preferece in the settings to use the backed up copy of such database.
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    While the concept may not be advanced, the implementation is what's nice.
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    I, too, am curious about this. Anyone heard anything about this?
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    I believe this topic was discussed in the FAQ, did you not find any info there? :confused:
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    I would imagine you would have to boot from the Leopard DVD and run Time Machine from there?

    Edit: Confirmed in the Time Machine FAQ, point 19.
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    Bought a new external HD in anticipation for Time Machine :cool:
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    I just looked. All I found was this.
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    I am definitely looking forward to time machine and think it will be one of the most useful features in Leopard.

    One question is: Will it makes it unnecessary to have a mirror raid? Not talking striped raid, just mirrored.
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    Did you miss this?

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    after reading the whole article, i'm impressed. it was kinda long, but goes into great detail.

    very nice job on the article :)
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    Thanks for the help with the specifics OllyW. :)
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    2. Maybe you could use SuperDuper! or some other cloning backup utility.
    3. No one seems to know. And that is the big question for me, as well.

    I use SuperDuper! now because the incremental backup feature (Smart Backup) is easy to implement and schedule to run in the middle of the night. For the 700,000 files on my system disk, it takes abut 13 minutes to run after a day of normal activity (essentially, the time to scan the directories for changes).

    The beauty of SD is that it makes a bootable copy of your system drive, so recovery is simply "boot off of the clone, and do another SD copy back to your now fixed system drive." It is also possible to use Disk Utility "Restore" and boot from the OS X installation DVD. Each of those takes about the same time to restore (a few hours for a couple of hundred gigabytes and hundreds of thousands of files).

    Time Machine gives us a pretty neat way to restore old versions of files or to get deleted files back. To me, that's the main attraction: a new "versioning" system which operates better than the old VAX/VMS versions. They worked OK, but a delete was a delete. With time machine, one has not only old versions, but deleted copies, too.

    So, who knows how "restore" works from a catastrophic failure?

    Eddie O

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