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Mac OS X kernel compiling tutorial, part V

Discussion in 'MacBytes.com News Discussion' started by MacBytes, Jan 14, 2004.

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    hhmmm.... i don't quite understand why you would want to do anything like this, but there must be people out there that love this sort of stuff.
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    I think it's for the "Linux geeks" who miss getting their kick since switching to OS X :p
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    Like pieces of a jigsaw puzzle, these articles simply do not work on their own.

    ppcnerds.org should have posted one article, not five article fragments.
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    "Next article will be on Open Firmware tips for booting a particular kernel in case something goes wrong."

    Looks like there's going to be yet another one.
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    *breaking into seizure *

    this is the for serious code monkey - kids don't try this at home
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    a bunch of replies for you :) (as i am the author of that little tutorial).

    I understand the articles are not that well written and the approach is not that linear. But usually when you find such tutorials you tend to read them really in hurry, just copy the commands and execute them. We thought a different approach, trying to talk a little about every step for Mach kernel compiling (or xnu, if you like it better).

    We have not considered grouping all the articles in one big resume just cause we got no feedback at all from user needing one big article, in truth.

    The serie of articles, in my opinion, shows that recompiling the kernel is not difficult at all. Of course, you can put yoour box in unbootable state, but it is quite clear you won't do it for the first time on a production machine :)

    have a nice day :)
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    But my comment was feedback! ;)

    The problem is, by trickling these pieces out, right now people can't sit down and follow these directions to a conclusion.

    I guess you'd be happy you've managed to get yourselves listed on MacBytes five days straight, though...
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    right, it would be great to have more comments and suggestions.

    argh, and we thought it was a good approach!!
    The logic behind the choice was this: in first article you already manage to build your kernel. But at that point, except from compiling something with few commands, you know nothing. By the way in the first article you already get a kernel you can run.
    The second article is to say: "well, you compiled, but what did you compile?". It was a way to introduce CVS source checkout, which is not that popular generally among people using Mac OS X, imo.
    The third article was about the few configurations you can place at the moment and the fourth was about the possibility of compiling a multi-architecture kernel. The fifth one is about taking the kernel you compiled and booting it.
    This was the general scheme we did and respected. Maybe it is not that linear, but we thought it was good.
    sure!! having people reading what you write
    is almost always a pleasure. And even more if you write for fun :)

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