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Mac OS X Leopard Launch Events

Discussion in 'MacRumors.com News Discussion' started by MacRumors, Oct 26, 2007.

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    Tokyo, Japan

    Apple Leopard launch events kicked off today, and have made their way around the globe. Macitynet.it posts a gallery from the Leopard launch in Rome. Pictured above is the line for the Apple Store in Tokyo, Japan.

    As of this writing, the east cost of the U.S. is about to hit 6 p.m. as people line up for their free T-Shirts and copies of Leopard. While many received their pre-orders of Leopard today, some saw unexpected FedEx delays -- the delays were reportedly at the request of Apple to push delivery closer to the 6 p.m. launch time.

    Readers are posting their first impressions with Leopard into this thread in our OS X forums.

    A large collection of impressions have also been posted by Engadget, including:

    - Install took 3.3GB of space on top of existing data
    - If you have multiple browser windows open in different spaces and applications with links... if you click a link, it'll open in the browser in your space, not in the browser in another space.
    - Mail is DEFINITELY faster in a lot of our folders containing thousands of messages.
    - Leopard supports A2DP
    - Terminal has themes
    - Coverflow works for fonts.

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    Mission Successful! :D

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    Excellent Launch

    really happy with leopard and launch was great. Cool T-Shirts!:D
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    I am finding the system keeps pausing since I installed Leopard and my CPU usage is way up. It particularly seems to pause when I select an item on the dock for the first time. Anyone else?
  5. arn
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    I noticed a lot of hard drive swapping initially. I turned off spotlight indexing, which didn't help. But eventually the swapping stopped, and seems fine now.

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    Did you check CPU usage and what processes were running?
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    Holy crap. Is Tokyo normally that busy or is it partially for the event?
  8. arn
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    the guy that posted it said this

    "Here are some pics of the release in Tokyo Japan 5 hours ago. What a blast....I was number 51...2 hour before release. The line ended up taking 2 blocks. I would say up around 700 people in the line. They served us hot starbucks coffee as we waited in the rain"

    The pictures from Rome were pretty impressive too.

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    I had the same thing, first couple of hours were lumpy but it's been sweet since.
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    Regent street had more people! like 1500 people I swear! It was so fun though I was 4th in line :D All the Apple staff counted down and was screaming and cheering us on as we walked in, scary to have 100 people screaming taking photos of you and cheering. The place was packed! I got 2 t shirts hehe (sorry guys :p) Running leopard now, and Its such an improvement, I am truly proud of Apple. Apart from the fact many many people queue jumped and stood there for 10 minutes while others spend 3 hours there. Worth it though :) Cant wait for 10.6 :D
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    Are they offering the typical 10% sale on hardware?
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    All I can say is WOW. I'm up in the Great White North of Canada and, dont' have a apple store only a few up here and way to far to drive too, but do have the Auth Apple Store which I'll be hitting here soon and they have stuffed Leporards for the give away.
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    The line is much longer than I thought in Tyson's corner VA Apple Store. They are selling tons of stuff... Seeing iMac, MacBook, MacBook Pro being sold besides Leopard.
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    It's probably indexing. First time switching to 10.4 takes processor power to index your files too.
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    Looking at those lines makes me glad I had Leopard shipped to the house. :) :apple:
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    any discounts?..

    any discounts on hardware?...
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    u get to pick which size t shirt u want
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    Time to upgrade/buy your Mac mini

    Not completely "launch event" related, but I'm willing to bet that a lot of people were waiting for Leopard before buying/upgrading their Mac mini. After all, Leopard + iLife '08 is nearly 33% of the cost of the entry-level Mac mini.

    I just ordered mine. From G4/1.42GHz to Core 2 Duo/1.83GHz... should be nice. :D

    And if anyone needs an aluminum mount for their Mac mini, contact me! ;)
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    Westside guy

    Well, I was gonna pick up Leopard after work today; but I'm home with a sick kid so it'll have to be Monday. At least it won't be as crowded... :D
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    Lesser Evets

    I love seeing the Japanerds.
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    I pre-ordered leopard, and checking FedEx tracking, it says it was delivered today at 12:40PM. I'll be installing it the minute I get home! :) That's not until after 7:00pm.. :(
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    My copy is "at central receiving."

    The school software store closed at 4:30, before the central receiving would deliver the packages. So I wait until Monday.

    But on Monday, I will have it for only $70-80. And I can actually study this weekend. :)
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    I got in line in the University of Michigan store right at 6, and there were well over 100 people in front of me, but I got mine:D

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    You had more people in line than my University will sell copies of Leopard this year. :)
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    Up and running Leopard

    Up and running Leopard. Just used default installation config and no problems so far. Spotlight is re-indexing the hard drive and I've put Time Machine to work on it's first backup.


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