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Mac OS X Mountain Lion 1st impressions.

Discussion in 'OS X Mountain Lion (10.8)' started by wyattbiker, Aug 5, 2012.

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    Overall the install was straightforward. It took 2.5 hours including the download. Although during download you can't tell what is going on. Just have faith it's working. Everything worked at first bootup.

    1) Spotlight doesn't show the folder path anymore when you hover over the files list. Holding down Command key is slow and akward.
    2) The Dock indicator light is barely visible at bottom of the screen. I used 3rd party app DockDesigner to somewhat fix it.
    3) They added a search feature to the Launchpad application. It is still not enough to make this usefull. Just use Finder and I got rid of it from my Dock to save space.
    4) ML feels a little more sluggish than Lion.
    5) Downloading large apps from App Store shows no percentage indicator what is going on.
    6) Make sure you upgrade Parallels or it will not start after upgrade. Also any other important applications.
    7) Finder's Favorites bar list on the left side is still grey. Why? I used LionDesigner to fix it.

    Apple, please stop trying to make the Mac work like an iPhone. You know we have a big keyboard, bigger screens and more memory. And fix Spotlight and Finder. Ok?
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    In other words, ML is the worst-ever version of OS X (apart from the not-really-final 10.0). Great, ain't it? ;)
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    Well you're really pessimistic. Every time I come across your comments about Mountain Lion, I think that you hate ML for no reason. I upgraded to Mountain Lion. IT'S MUCH FASTER THAN Lion. Snow Leopard is the best but here is how it goes: Snow Leopard > Mountain Lion > Lion. And it has a few more features. Don't cryover 15 euros.
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    I have simular thoughts. Normally love Apple stuff, however my issues with ML are.

    Many programs have constant firewall errors??? What changed in security, I have been running these programs for years, and had my firewall all set up, I changed nothing, and see nothing additional to change?

    Time Machine just does not work anymore. I even called Apple support, get the usual BS, time machine only works with time capsule. Well time machine has been working with my WD drives for years!! I have been trying to backup (650 GB) to my network 3 tB drive for over a week it is only a little over half way and still is having difficulty. Since this is my laptop it only backs up while I am sitting here. If my laptop goes to sleep mode it just stops. This NEVER happened in Lion. I have gone in and told my PC to NEVER sleep and this did NOT fix the issue. So confused and frustrated.

    Overall boot time is noticeably longer!! Programs just load slower, overall I would say EVERYTHING is slower.

    I have had to reboot because of general lockups, more in the past week then I have since I have owned it! Several times per day!

    Even logging into my Laptop is weird. There is a nice big round picture of me in the login screen. but I cannot be anywhere in the target. I have to be direct center or it will not login? Why give a big target if you need to hit the bulls eye?

    I have a magic mouse and it is running oddly as well.

    I have had it randomly lock out my Hard drive to the point I cannot write, move, or delete files until the next day.

    Overall impression, wait until the next update before you try this OS. I wish this was like times past when you purchased something from Apple it is "JUST WORKED" right out of the box. Now it feels like a windows PC I want to start tweaking it to fix it to run the way I am use to and want!

    Frustrated with this OS.
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    Its much much faster than Lion and I cant agree more with you, SL was/is the best, ML isn't that bad, its performing fine on my MBP and without zero issues for a week or so - that I had experienced with SL from like 10.6.3+ .. (Didn't experienced with Lion at all).
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    I upgraded because it was free for me on month old machine and don't want to be left too many versions behind with updates. They did make the Finder Sidebar customizable so I am happy with that and they made Safari's search the same as Chrome's which is really cool.

    In the overall scheme Snow, Lion, ML are pretty much the same incrementally. Better than what MS does where they shock you with each new OS and full of bugs.
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    well ive installed ML last night and been using it for a few hours and my overall impression is positive.

    i did a CLEAN INSTALL because i had updated the OS once before SL --> Lion and i feel the OS is more responsive and has gotten rid of the Lion LAG.

    i have noticed a couple of things i am not totally happy with (im looking at you blurry oversized launchpad icons) but the flavour is that of a less bloated, less heavy and a more well-groomed and elegant experience.

    i suspect some of these small details people are complaining about will be solved in the next patch. whats important is that we finally got rid of LION and we are back to a SL experience with more features. keep in mind that SL has had EIGHT major updates and we are just getting started with ML.
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    meanwhile, there are people post here with REAL issues... ("Holding the Command key is slow and awkward")???

    ML is, for me, the best mac os yet, it's the "snow leopard of lion" LOL.
    fast, stable. lots of useful tweaks.

    also, click the "puchases" window in the app store to see your downloads downloading...
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    cocky jeremy

    For me: Mountain Lion > Snow Leopard > Leopard > Tiger > Lion.
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    My problems are and hope I someone might have an answer is:

    1) iTunes launches when I turn on my computer. I have checked the settings and nothing should be launching it.

    2) I basically don't want to have the number of items below the folders. So I remove the option in "show view options" but every time I restart or turn on my computer they are back. I have changed the settings multiple times and it never saves.

    Any way very minor things but just kind of annoying.
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    I don't have REAL issues. But maybe you have...


    Did you check if System Preferences/Users/Login Items?
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    Put my thoughts in bold and italics.
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    Must be a reason for some having issues. For me, I do not at this moment, but I did a clean install, I have all the latest software, have not downloaded much in the way of add on's, Apps, etc, and my hardware is up to the task with enough memory.

    Perhaps I am not the enthusiasts/fanatic type computer geek that plays hard and download god only knows what that may screw up the system like others do. Just the normal work and small Angry Bird entertainment stuff that meets my hardware, and not go way over board. ;)
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    sorry, these seem small compared to what some others are reporting.
    still, it's your right to have your computer work as you'd expect.

  15. Krazy Bill, Aug 5, 2012
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    Krazy Bill

    A Snow Leopard experience? :confused: In ML? :confused:

    Ungrouping windows in Expose DOES NOT magically turn ML into Snow Leopard. :)

    So it took them 8 times before they got it right? Thats reassuring. Then it got flushed down the crapper. :D

    No, SL was a lot of changes "under the hood". Not the case with Mountain Lion. ML is basically just a "patch" for Lion.
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    Yes, it is the OPs right. :rolleyes:
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    i dunno, seems to me that ML is what lion should have been. until ML, snow leopard seemed apple's best moment. i look forward to tweaks and bug fixes...and think this is the best os x so far...
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    I'm loving ML so far. Much better than Lion IMO.
  19. nycrnr, Aug 5, 2012
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    I also upgraded my 2007 mac book pro with a solid state drive along with the mountain lion upgrade and wow, it's fast. I can't believe I've been going on this MBP for almost 5 years and it is virtually like new.

    I need to get used to some of the changes, but they don't bother me. I do think that Snow Leopard was just intuitive. I'm not thrilled with the ipad-ification of mac OS but whatever.

    Figuring out spaces has been annoying but I finally figured it out. FYI for those that do not know, if you want assign a specific application to a space, you need to do so in the options menu from the application icon. The options are 'this desktop' or 'all desktops' and oddly, 'none' - not sure what none does really.
  20. 50548, Aug 5, 2012
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    I have said before that anything Apple does is still miles ahead of Microsoft in terms of OS...however, I am highly critical of the direction ML has taken us, as well as the lack of really innovative features - just incremental iOSified crap.

    In any case, I hate having to deal with legacy support issues so I will be upgrading to ML once 10.8.1 is out. We'll see how it goes from there.
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    Krazy Bill

    Which is why I said ML is a "patch" for Lion. :)

    Sadly, you represent the majority of users and thats why there's no turning back for us old die-hards that just don't like the iOS path Apple is headed on with OSX.

    Can't blame 'em really. While MS is trying to satisfy pros, businesses and all users in general, Apple has filled a void created by the average user who spends most of his time FaceBooking and Tweeting and just want a simpler and more elegant way to do these things. Combine this with superior build quality and it's no surprise Apple is the most powerful company on the planet right now.

    In short, OSX is a general consumer operating system now. All of their hardware is now aimed at this market including the new and sealed Macs.

    So good luck Apple. Love my iPhone and iPad but I'll be moving on when my real "bread and butter" workhorse dies. (macbook).
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    No need to do Windows or Linux; keep your Mac or buy a new one and install another version of OS X.
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    i don't like everything about ML, or any OS for that matter. but...i never understand this kind of thinking; should apple follow the path that best suits only you? they're doing what they choose to do: move forward, in their best interests. like any corporation.

    i do mostly pro work on my mbp (logic, photoshop, etc), and am enjoying a stable, fast, functional experience.

    isnt' that the bottom line?
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    Krazy Bill

    Alas counselor, new macs can only run the current version of OSX. (or the previous one at best). Case in point, the new Ivy Bridge my wife uses won't run Snow Leopard.

    Did you even read my post? Especially the, "I don't blame them" part. :confused:
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    Not even if you wipe everything?

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