Mac OS X refusing 5GHz network

Discussion in 'OS X Mountain Lion (10.8)' started by Shishu, Jul 23, 2013.

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    Is anybody able to get their Macs to default to 5ghz network when using same SSID for both 5ghz/2.4ghz?

    I have 5th gen airport extreme currently configured to run:
    5ghz: a/n
    2.4ghz: n only

    My iOS devices (iPhone 5 / iPad 2) are defaulting to 5ghz network (and switching automatically to 2.4Ghz when being far away). Samsung TV is also defaulting to 5GHz.

    Yet all of my Macs (Air mid-2013, Mini mid-2011, Mac book pro early-2011) refuse to use 5ghz band. It is clearly not the question of signal strength as laptops refuse to utilize 5ghz network even when being in the same room (clear sight, 1m from airport extreme)
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    that is strange, I have a MacBook2,1 (late 2006) and I haven't issues with 5GHz networks.
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    Very strange indeed. I wish you could force Mac to connect at certain frequency. Apparently Windows allows this but it is not possible in MacOsX judging from different forums on Internet.
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    What channel are you using on your router for 5 GHz? I bet you are using the wrong 5 GHz channels and making the same make as almost everyone thinking they can get 5 GHz at 2.4 channels.:eek:

    To get "true" 5 GHz speeds then use the 100s channels on your wireless router.

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