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Mac OS X Security Update 2004-01-26

Discussion in 'MacRumors News Discussion (archive)' started by MacRumors, Jan 26, 2004.

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    Apple released a Security Update for Mac OS X today:

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    Will download when I get home!
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    this looks like a pretty big one. I think I'll wait to see what success others have with it first. A lot could go wrong I would think.
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    For who?

    Is this for Panther, Jaguar, or both?
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    Security update?

    God, I'd love to install this on a G5 iMac!!!
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    i wonder if this was all the hype was about. A 7.8Mb security update.
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    Nice birthday present! :confused:
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    I'll give this a miss for at least a week after what the last security update did to our Xserve.:mad:
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    Happy birthday, Macintosh... :rolleyes:
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    Downloading now--let's hope nothing blows up!!
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    Years of being more secure than PCs and Apple let us celebrate the Mac's 20th Birthday with a security update?!

    ...how ironic.
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    Neat, downloading over my University's fast wireless internet connection now.

    Gotta love ThinkSecret, they predicted this very accurately.

    :rolleyes: :p
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    Maybe it'll give us all at 20% speed improvement.
    Now that would be a birthday present!
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    Well lets at least hope this security update isn't like the 10.2.8 update. Boy was that ever fun.
  15. hob
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    can't help but notice noones posted a success yet... ah well, let's install away! I'm especially interested in Windows File Sharing update... maybe it'll fix stuff for me!!

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    yahoooo its now updated heheheh i dunno if ill ever really see the benifit of all these updates, but its nice to feel safe hehe
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    Installed it and so far so good. Of course all i've done so far is open up Safari and come here and open up Mail.
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    Installed, and everything is fine so far. I wonder if this fixes the startup problem from the 10.3.2 update?
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    On a side note it seems the Magnifying glass color picker seems to be working for me now. As far as I can recall since 10.3 it hasn't worked at all for me and would only return white no matter what it was over, but now its picking up colors correctly.

    Did anyone else have the same problem and was it intermittent or was I just unlucky everytime i tried to use the color picker before?
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    Wait for tomorrow and stop being so greedy ;)
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    Probably not, since this is a *Security* Update... and since the Start up problem isn't a security issue.. you'll have to wait until 10.3.3

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    What? Hey, you holding out on us Crees?
  23. tfr
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    Don't put your money on it. Looks like Apple just calls it a "Security Update" while it's an update in general. Reading the first post carefully you'll see:
    I would say the System Initialization update is to fix the startup problem (though I'm not 100% sure since I didn't have it).

    And for those who complain about the size - probably the biggest portion of it is the new Safari v1.1.1, which seems to have made some great improvement, according to Hyatt's Surfin' Safari blog.
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    it's not showing up for me in 10.3.1

    is it 10.3.2 specific?
    i am not running 10.3.2 on my G4 because i tried it 4 or 5 times and every time it crapped out on me.... i even went as far as installing a totally clean 10.3.0 on a brand new hard drive and updating to 10.3.2 and it just goes bonkers..... after a few hours to a day.

    anyway that's another issue, but i guess as a 10.3.1 person i don't need the security update? maybe it will fix my other issues, but i should wait till i have time to reinstall 10.3.0 and then update to 10.3.1 before is crew around. argh
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    Oh well, I hope they come out with it soon.

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