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Mac OS X Server and a PBX

Discussion in 'Mac OS X Server, Xserve, and Networking' started by Nashvegas10, May 7, 2008.

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    Thanks in advance for any help. We are setting up a new company and making the change over from PC's to Mac's. I would like to explore some unified communications options that are available currently with some of the small business telephone platforms (Nortel Business Communication Manager 50 for example). Does anyone have any experience with integration of the Mac OS X server and a VoIP PBX?
    Thanks again.
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    pbxnsip came out with a version of their IPBX that runs on a MAC. It has a nice GUI and works with polycom, cisco, snom, and aastra phones and SIP service providers and gateways. It is not asterisk based and it can downloaded it at www.pbxnsip.com/software and you can request a key from
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    VoIP PBX

    I would recommend moving off the Mac or even a windows system for the VoIP PBX.

    Put a call through to Aruba Networks, though they are a WIFI company all of their hardware intergrates with VoIP PBX and other VoIP Standards and would provide a solid platform to build on.

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    All of the hardware intergrates with VoIP PBX and other VoIP Standards of some WIFI company could runs on a MAC?

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    For the obvious reason (1), virtually all PBX integration (CTI & UM etc) is designed for Windows. You can run some of the commercial applications under parallels and quite a few will also run under Citrix/Terminal services.

    having said this, I don't class soft SIP phones as integrated components, because from my view they are just basic endpoints.

    you can run HylaFAX on OS X, but if you want decent modem support then Linux is the way to go, there are however some decent OS X clients.

    (1) the biggest users of integrated systems are call centers, and Apple is simply too expensive, and too small a market share for anyone to bother with.
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    I would recommend moving off the Mac or even a windows system for the VoIP PBX.
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    You do know for quite a number of things running Macs with OS X results in lower total ownership cost?
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    A much better solution

    :D yeah!!!!!!! This would be the best solution!
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    Hello nashvegas,

    Well answer to your question would be yes!! There are a lot of VoIP PBX providers who support mac os…my friends have mac pc’s nd they have actually tried some PBX VoIP services…I can suggest you some.. TheRealPBX, The ringcentral ,vPHONE..

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