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Mac OS X Tiger and the iMac 350 : Is it possible?

Discussion in 'Macintosh Computers' started by ReanimationLP, Nov 29, 2005.

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    Yeah, so I'm curious, and a tad confused. :/

    The Tiger system requirements states : Built In Firewire.

    Then it says under Supported Macs the slot loading iMacs.

    Anyone runnning Tiger on their 350 iMac wanna fill me in? I got it running Panther currently.
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    Apple's system requirements are a bit over-simplified. Even some officially unsupported models will run with a hack, and some models with Firewire won't run it. The Firewire requirement is meant to be a decent judge of how recently the machine was made... Tiger itself doesn't require Firewire.

    If the machine is listed as supported, it's supported.
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    i've got Tiger on a slot-loading iMac, it works great, was much faster than Panther even. so go for it! the only problem I ran into was lack of a DVD drive, but I had an external DVD burner on another system so I just installed using that hooked up the firewire port on my iMac. good luck! :)
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    It'll work fine, and apparently Tiger is a big performance boost for older machines. :)
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    Thanks to everyone for the info. I was waiting to put Tiger on my iMac DV 400, but I will be hooking up with it very soon.
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    can you wipe your HD clean and install tiger fully onto a iMac g3???
    you dont need os 9 to boot up i take it.
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    mad jew


    You have to install some firmware (through OS9) first. :)
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    so after i get firmware 4.1.9.
    then i could go about wiping the hard drive of everything os 9, and install a full version of tiger?
    or do i still need the OS 9 on there to boot up?
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    mad jew

    Get to OS9.1 using the method in my linked article from Apple above. After that, I think you just start from the OSX disks and install over the top of OS9 but I could be wrong. I've never actually done it before. :eek:

    Just get the right firmware on there first. :)
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    from what ive read, your right about the firmware...
    you need the laters one in order to switch over to tiger.
    i think i need OS 9 on there in order to run tiger.
    the only thing i dont know is if this is all the same for installing panther.:eek:
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    mad jew

    I think it's the same for anything post-Jaguar. :)
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    i think everything i want to run, panther will satisfy,
    so i will most likely just spend less and get it on ebay.
    theres a few auctions carrying panther on cd, and a few carrying tiger on cd.
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    I have Tiger installed on an old 450 Mhz G3 with only 128MB of RAM and it runs shockingly well. In fact, I would say that the OS is nearly as fast as my 1.25Ghz PowerBook with 1.5GB of RAM. Of course apps aren't nearly as fast, but the OS is very snappy!
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    Just put it on a 233 with 512 ram,running ok
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    Another question, if I already have Jaguar running on an iMac DV SE 500mhz, does that mean I can instal Tiger without worrying about Firmware updates? Jaguar has been installed on it for about 2 years now and haven't been in OS9 since.
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    mad jew

    Yeah, you can update straight to Tiger from Jaguar. :)

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