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    After installing an Asante EN/SC SCSI->Ethernet adapter, I was able to get AppleTalk over Ethernet going between my Mac Plus and DP G4 800 under OS 9. Next on the list---OS X. Good stuff. FAR faster than LocalTalk (AppleTalk over serial).

    This Plus is impressing me, to be sure.

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    Finally...TCP/IP working over ethernet. Here's a shot of the Mac Plus and its new Asante EN/SC SCSI->Ethernet adapter with Fetch (FTP app) on the screen, showing the contents of my /Applications directory on my DP G4 800 running OS X. Now moving files to the Plus is cake.


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    asante en/sc daisy chain

    I have an Asante EN/EC-10T -- daisy chained correctly -- and allowing my mac plus to boot up. Next steps are installing and configuring the drivers ...

    Here is a working setup of how the Asante is connected:

    1. Mac Plus >>> DB25-Centronics 50 cable >>> external hard drive top SCSI port;

    2. external hard drive bottom SCSI port >>> Centronics 50-DB-25 cable >>> Asante EN/SC-10T DB25 SCSI port (the one nearest the power plug-in); and

    3. SCSI id of hard drive at 5, SCSI id of Asante at 2.


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