Mac Portable M5126 backlit

Discussion in 'Picture Gallery' started by WardC, Feb 26, 2009.

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    This is one I took on January 24th...this is one of my gems of my Mac collection, a fully working backlit Mac Portable M5126.

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    Very cool! Looks to be in great shape too. Of course IMO, you should be running System 6 on that bad boy. ;)
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    But, then I couldn't do all the cool stuff with the Map control panel and the scrapbook. System 6 is pretty boring, although it is historic. 7.0.1 runs well on this Portable, I have 4MB of RAM in it.
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    Cool computer.

    Cooler cat!

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    Oh my, how far we've come!
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    Oh I know. I'm just a luddite, and refuse to run 7.x on anything capable of running 6 or earlier. ;)
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    I don't think it's stupid, I see where you are coming from...keep the machine true to its vintage default and don't overlog it with bulky later-released OS software that will lag the processor and sacrifice performance, stability, and compatibility. It's kinda like how I hate using OS X on my Pismo PowerBook, and would rather use all my apps in OS 9. Both will run fine, but I think those Macs are really built and equipped for Classic, and the Aluminum-book series and later are built for OS X.

    System 6 is fast, speedy, and runs on very little RAM. It's also quite stable. I think the System 7 Finder makes it easier to get around, open, save, move, rename, and such....but you are hogging more RAM and sacrificing a bit of speed when you use an old 68000. But yes, I totally understand why you'd want to run the default and keep it there.

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