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Mac Pro 1,1 CPU upgraded to X5365

Discussion in 'Mac Pro' started by villagemusicman, Apr 20, 2010.

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    This is hot from the kitchen!

    Just replaced the X5150's with X5365's and everything seems to be running fine. In 'About this Mac' the CPUs are listed as '2 x 3.0ghz unknown' so am thinking they must be ES versions.

    Cinebench has an issue with the OpenGL as it reports an error as 'OpenGL Reference Matching Test Failure' so it doesn't report test results. However it does report for the CPU at 6.27pts. Not sure if that is great compared to the original reading of 2.89pts with the X5150s. I think the MP is also a bit noisier so am wondering if i should get smcfancontrol and tweak. Any ideas?

    Here are the two Cinebench results:





    If there is anything i should or could do to tweak the system for better performance please advise.

    Big shout to BOZZ and GUGUCOM for their patience and support and all the other good people here!


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    It's good to see you're up and running. Welcome to the "Affordable 8-core upgrade" Club!
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    7300GT has to go
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    You can fix the unknown processor issue easily by installing AboutThisMac, which will list the processors kinda like this:

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    Thanks guyz, can anyone list a reliable link for the 'AboutThisMac' download please? I've had a look around google and am not entirely confident with the links provided...rapidshare etc.

    EDIT: No worries found it and it workx ;-)
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    Welcome to the Club!

    That's great news! How much were the 5365s?
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    Got them for £485 inc postage. Then the very next day another pair went for £310 :mad:

    Anyways, they work and core temps never get over 60 C which is reassuring. Also after installing 'ATM', they show show up correctly.

    Should be able to keep this mac now for another few years so that's a plus :D
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    Old thread i know, but i'm about to get a x5365 to upgrade my old 2.66 2006 mac pro. Anybody got any good online walk throughs or tutorials on how to go about installing the upgrade? I'm pretty tech savvy but don't want to ruin my machine!
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    Overclock! Zdnet Clock in OSX, Systool in Windows ;) I've set my X5355's to go from 2.66ghz at boot to automatically bump it to 3.25ghz in Windows :) :D
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    I'm curious. I just completed this upgrade myself and no problems. However, it seems that my operating temperature doesn't come close to 60c without the help of SMC and can easily goes past it without it. I'm wondering, are you getting those temps on the heatsink reading or on all "CPU cores"?

    Plus to achieve below 60c on the single cores I have to set the "CPU" fan around 1400rpm. That puts the "CPU heatsink" around 35-38c.

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