MAC Pro Mic questions

Discussion in 'Digital Audio' started by NTJetboater, Nov 18, 2006.

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    First how do I use my built in mic??
    Also I bought an external mic but the input (Mic) doesn't seem to work

    Any Ideas??
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    The MacPro does not have a built in mic.

    System Preferences < Sound < Imput < Select your device and adjust the volume

    Where doesn't the mic work, Garageband?
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    Mic issues

    The mic does not work in Imovie or Gband.
    I plugged it into my pc and it works fine.
    Should I just get an optical that the best option instead of a $40 radio shack special?
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    Does the microphone work in the sound settings, i.e. can you see the device and when you speak into it can you see the input volume bar go up and down?

    If so there must be some setting in Garageband where you can select which input type to use.

    If not then there maybe a problem with your microphone
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    there is no sign of the mic when plugged in.
    The bars don't move..must be the brand new mic.
    Do the macs require a preamp for a mic??
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    Yup. You need a preamp. Line-in on the Pro is on the dire side as far as I'm concerned and it might be better to invest in an external soundcard which has a preamp than buy a separate preamp for the onboard sound. Either that or a USB mic.
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    Yeah if you are just needing a little desktop mic for voice, get a usb mic from Logitech. Otherwise, it gets very expensive very fast... :)

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