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Mac Pro Ram Help

Discussion in 'Mac Pro' started by GotPro, Feb 20, 2008.

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    Argh... I've searched but not come up with a conclusive answer to my questions... so I apologize in advance.

    Just got the new Mac Pro Quad 2.8 + 8800GT... with 2GB Ram.

    Ordered 2 1 Gig Sticks from TransIntl... they look EXACTLY like the Apple Ram (I'm guessing this is a good thing).

    Question about install, though...

    I've installed them and they are working, but I'm wondering if I did it correctly:

    When I had 2 1 Gig Sticks ala Stock... there was a single 1GB in the top riser, and a single 1GB in the bottom riser.

    I added the TRANSINTL memory by adding one of the new sticks in the top riser, and one in the bottom riser... so that the both risers had 1 Apple Stick and 1 Aftermarket Stick...

    Is this how I should have done it, or should I have put both Apple pieces in the top riser and both aftermarket pieces in the bottom riser?

    And if so, why? Does it matter? It's working... just curious!

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    You did it exactly right.
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    Sweet! Thanks!!! :D
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    I fear not. Each matched pair should go on the same riser.
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    Hmmm... Why?

    If that were the case, wouldn't the first matched pair from Apple both either be in the top riser or the bottom riser?

    I'm just not understanding... and I'm trying to... and Apple's instructions do not make it clear either way!!!
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    Eek. Kakace is exactly right.

    Instead of going to a web forum, why don't we consult the manual that came with your machine:


    (page 46 if you're curious)
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    THANK YOU! I'd looked at the Manual but didn't make it to page 46.. only made it to page 44... My Bad.


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