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Mac Pro: The ultimate in desktop computing

Discussion in 'MacBytes.com News Discussion' started by MacBytes, Aug 28, 2006.

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    Category: Reviews
    Link: Mac Pro: The ultimate in desktop computing
    Description:: Mac Pro: The ultimate in desktop computing

    Apple's Mac Pro is a super-speedy, souped-up desktop

    The new Mac Pro desktop is a thing of beauty. Inside and out this box looks like it is the ultimate desktop computer on the market today.

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    Duh! :p

    Well, at least it's official now.
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    I see they whined about price, but failed to mention how it is cheaper than similar machines from Dell.
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    Sort of...
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    did apple write that? or gave the reporter what to copy? :)
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    No sort of about it. I have yet to find a configuration at Dell that matches to a Mac Pro and is cheaper. They're ALL more expensive, whether by only $400 or closer to $900.
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    I said sort of because the poster I was quoting said "similiar dell machines" are more expensive. Well thats not really true... "Similar dell machines" have some more things to offer, which yes are mostly useless.


    My point was to just make it clear that similar dell machines to Mac Pro's are i guess similar but only "sort of"
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    At least they didn't say "fastest Mac ever" like everyone else does every time Apple updates the pro line.
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    Hey! Have you not been drinking your Kool-aid?
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    AFter shoehorning my 7950GX2 into the case, it appears to be the fastest Windows PC ever as well. Go figure.

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