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Mac Sightings at the Detroit Autoshow

Discussion in 'Picture Gallery' started by skubish, Jan 15, 2006.

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    I saw a couple of Macs at the autoshow this week.

    iMac G5s being used by Saturn for their information kiosk. Here is a closeup. Apple logo was covered up poorly with a Saturn logo.

    Also I saw Infiniti using ACDs for their booth here.
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    Gosh, hate to say this but....TO HECK WITH THE MAC STUFF! (I'm ducking) Show us pics of the auto show. I am green with envy getting to go to the auto show. Some day, some day. I was stationed in Germany and never made it to the Frankfurt auto show, a bigggie in Europe. It was in Sep/Oct time frame and I was always "occupied" keeping the "red hord" at bay:) . Now I'm just trying to keep the creditors at bay! Seriously, if you've got any stories or pics I'd like to see them. Cheers
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    The URLs don't work. :(

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