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Mac Software Nabs Thief in New Zealand

Discussion in 'MacBytes.com News Discussion' started by MacBytes, Feb 9, 2008.

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    There is software that already does much the same isn't there?

    The one flaw of course is that if the thief is smart and erases the disk/reinstalls then the software is worthless. Unless they take it in for repairs at some stage though, ahh... Serial numbers.
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    Yep, and setting a firmware password. I'd definitely buy Undercover if I ever bought a MacBook.
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    I haven't yet but was contemplating on it for my iMac - in case it ever goes for a "walk"
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    I had been planning on picking up the Orbicule anti-theft software when I get my new Mac. Once you report your Mac stolen, Orbicule's product starts snapping pictures and screenshots every 6 minutes, and sends those as well as IP address and email correspondence to you or to Orbicule, who work with your local police to track down the thief. The advantage of putting it on an iMac is that if someone breaks into your house and takes other stuff as well, then you can potentially recover some of your other stolen property.

    I'd consider this software in the article as well but it looks like it's only for education (for now)

    I think a Firmware password can prevent the thief from just doing a clean install and wiping it out. But of course we all know that 'average' users probably won't use a firmware password. I think you might also have to do something to prevent snitch software from speaking out when Orbicule phones home.

    Of course, an Apple genius could override a firmware password as well, so hopefully they would look closely before they just did that for someone walking into the store. I think also that the Orbicule software checks the IP address of any wireless networks it finds after it's stolen, and starts screaming as soon as it finds itself connected to the network of a known reseller.

    In the article it says that they are going to develop the software for PC but not all PCs have a camera built in. And that's half the power.

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