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Mac the ripper???

Discussion in 'iPod' started by Dr. J, Mar 9, 2006.

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    I can not find mtr anywhere. Is it still available?? Where??
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    Google found it rather quickly but the site was shut down. There are mirrors but the legality is sketchy.
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    Thanks, but it will not allow me to download it. It take me to an old forum page each time. I bought my wife an Ipod for her birthday. I am trying to put Friends episodes on it for her and con not do it. Anyone have any suggestions??
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    If you scroll down in that forum thread, theres a link to download it.
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    Thanks Heb. The file has expired, could you relist it??
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    VersionTracker has Mac the Ripper archived here.
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    Eh? I you want to rip your DVD's and convert them to be iPod ready you can use HandBrake.


    If you just want the VOB files use Mac the Ripper.
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    THANK YOU Heb!!!!!!!!
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    I am so confused why you want Mac the Ripper if you're making iPod video files. :confused:
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    If you rip the disc to your HDD, you can access your optical drive again while the movie is encoding, plus I think you get better performance if the original file is on your HDD instead of the DVD. Thats why I usually rip first.
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    I downloaded handbrake and wanted mtr. I read the sticky by clayj and thought that I needed mtr. I have both now. Thank you everyone.
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    Yeah, it nice to have both programs then. Sadly, Mac the Ripper is PowerPC only. :mad:

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