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Mac trojan appears in wild

Discussion in 'MacBytes.com News Discussion' started by johnee, Oct 31, 2007.

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    While watching (or attempting to watch) your porn, don't let your guard down! Trojans! Trojans!

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    This one is just begging for people to be stupid. Seriously, if a porn site is trying to get you to install a codec, it's not porn that's worth your time.
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    Let me correct that:

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    oh thats a shame! we cant say 'OSX is invincible' to microsoft fanboys anymore. (i joke btw)

    It does go to show that no operating system is 'invincible' and that apple (and its customers) shouldnt be complacent about security.
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    Hmm... interesting, the neighbour kid next door was saying his MB got a trojan and I was telling him it was unlikely, now I know where he might of got it from. I'll have to go round and see if this is the case, haha...
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    Isn't it suspicious already because it requires you to download new version of codec? That trojan threat will not work unless you allow it to, especially if it requires you to enter your password, so be vigilant.
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    yeah, stupid and horny. what a combination!
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    In all honesty, this isn't really anything to do with the security of OS X. It's more to do with the fact that OS X lets users install apps.

    No OS is invincible, anybody can come along and decide to delete the Finder or change their settings so something doesn't work. The only difference here is that the user is (very stupidly) downloading and installing a program which does it for them.

    Porn sites are renown for their security issues, so whoever has become the victim of this attack has gotta be pretty dense.
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    any recommended scanning software?
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    Why? Has somebody been watching some Pr0n? :D :D
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    Rodimus Prime


    OSX is no safer from Trojans than Windows. Trojans use user stupidity to get installed. That means the User is going to give it permission to install so no matter what protection OSX a Trojan will get installed.
    The are only 2 defenses against Trojans. One is just being a smarter users and the other being AV software. The AV software would catch it and quarantine it before the user could install it.

    Remember OSX is really only safer against Trojans because of market share. No one makes them because not like would would get installed on that many computers. Windows so many computer even if less than 1% of the people install it that still going to be a lot of computers compared to OSX. Trojans do not spread very easily.

    I do expect this trojan to hit a larger % of OSX users than if it was one targeting windows because you got to factor in OSX users feel extra safe in the "no virus for OSX". It causes them to practice unsafe internet habit.
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    This is unfortunate, but shows a greater threat reguardless.

    If the coders just added a couple extra lines of code to have it use a script to IM all your friends on Adium or iChat and send them a file saying "Check out this game I found online. It's like Pacman but with a better maze" and call it "PacMan.extension" and people will download it and accidently find themselves trojan'd themselves.

    The ignorance of a few will lead to an issue of many - the first through sheer stupidity and the rest throgh simple unknowing.
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    So much for OSX being unbeatably secure. I'm still a Mac fan...I never liked how fanboys claimed the system had no viruses or whatever.
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    Meanwhile, this has two possible viewpoints:

    1. OS X is finally popular enough where trojan writers have bothered to write one for it.

    2. OS X is finally popular enough among porn sites where trojan writers have bothered to write one for it.

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    how many greyed out dns things are we spuppose to have. i have 2. then agaiin i dont look into that stuff so i guess i dont need to worry
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    haha me too :D
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    I'm going to reiterate what others have already said.

    Trojans really aren't as bad a true viruses because they have to have user permission to do their damage. The thing no one has yet to do is spread a virus without the user granting permission. Those are the ones that cripple windows.
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    This trojan has nothing to do with OS X security and everything to do with user stupidity if anyone is ever actually impacted by it. It won't install without user intervention so it's not a virus either. It's also not a "fanboy" statement to say that OS X has no viruses, it's simply the truth because there truly aren't any.
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    Isn't that to do with the fact 'trojan writers' all work on Windows? The market share of Macs in the general population could well be much larger than the market share of virus/spyware programmers!
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    No, i was just wondering because a friend had a spyware issue on his PC so I was looking for a spyware/virus scanner.
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    Rodimus Prime

    I should of written that better. Lets assume 4 times the amount in % of OSX install the Trojan than on windows. Windows still will have a much much larger install base of the Trojan by per numbers alone. Apple market share is a huge factor in the lack of Trojans. A VERY VERY small % of the user base ever really installs them so it comes down to a pure numbers game.

    Now my next statement about I would expect a larger % of OSX users to install it because they believe nothing can hurt OSX so the user stupidity factor is higher. Remember Trojan use user stupidity to install. The only non user defense against trojan is AV software that will catch it ahead of time. The other is market share.

    as for computer Virus by defenision they are dieing off even on windows. A lot of the so call "viruses" for windows are just trojans and worms. Worms are the thing that cause a heck of a lot of trouble. MSblaster for example was a worm not a virus (but everyone called it the Blaster Virus).
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    denver! hey im from fc

    as far as this, i dont know what apple could do really
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    That's not a trojan - that's user initiated stupidity...

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    Flip4Mac and Perian are all you need codec wise (except maybe Real Player) if something asks you to install anything else when you have all these installed just say no.

    But damn it running Mac OS X was my porn safe haven :p.

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