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Mac user anger at laptop graphics glitch

Discussion in 'MacBytes.com News Discussion' started by MacBytes, Apr 16, 2008.

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  2. hob
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    anyone notice this glitch? I've not come across it myself...
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    Aye, I'm not sure exactly what they're referring to.

    I sometimes get glitchy wma video with flip4mac, could that be it?
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    I haven't experienced a single glitch the article mentions. PICNIC
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    I'm glad that they've finally acknowledged the problem, it's about time! Roll on 10.5.3...

    Large blocks of text can sometimes disappear, and then will sometimes appear twice when scrolling. When playing games I've had rogue polygons appear out of nowhere, and in 3 or 4 cases the entire computer has frozen up. I never had any of these issues under Tiger and they started to appear almost immediately when I installed Leopard. However, although they do happen, they're not frequent enough for me to go to the trouble of reinstalling everything.
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    I had that, but only in firefox, and only when I had a massive amount of tabs open (30-odd) for days on end, with lots of flash open, and often restarting FF would sort it out.

    Hasn't happened recently. I always thought it was a Firefox memory usage issue that eventually got fixed.
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    I haven't noticed anything odd. I have heard of the flickering video though.
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    Genghis Khan

    haven't heard of this problem before

    which is surprising as it would be quicker to count those of my friends with macbooks/mbps than those without.

    how many people have heard of this problem?
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    Affects new MacBook/Pro's...I assume the very recently updated Penryn ones?

    I haven't experienced any issues reported with my Santa Rosa MacBook Pro.
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    Sounds like drivers... although it's strange that it would affect Macbooks since there's nothing fancy about that graphics chipset.
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    Nothing I can see on my BlackBook (only two days old - seems fine).

    *Touches wood*...
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    Never had any issues on my 2.0 GHz CD MacBook...
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    I had it in Safari, with maybe one or two tabs open. The polygon issue happens several times per week in WoW.
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    Yes. This is a well known problem with Penryn based Apple laptops. You can learn more about it here:

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    Hmm, mine's a 2006 model (original C2D), is that Penryn?
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    Nope, Penryn is the processor in the early 2008 models.
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    Interesting. "Well known with Penryn laptops" ... does that mean that it happens a lot with Penryn systems, or only with Penryns? If it's the latter, then I have to wonder what's wrong with mine!
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    I occasionally have the scrolling issue with my 2.4 SR MBP. Apple has suggested the one size fits all answer of reinstall of OSX. Seems like as good a time as any to upgrade HDD, so tomorrow it's off to local authorized repair center for install of WD 320GB HDD and clean install.
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    Only with the new Penryn processor.
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    Analog Kid

    Pages will occasionally render text badly after scrolling, but I'm using a Mac Pro so I think it's something different.
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    You'd think Apple might have sorted out their act after the fairly recent "Freezing iMac" debacle. To a certain extent, the problem affected Mac Pro's with the similar graphics cards too.
    Still, at least Apple has contacted customers about it, and acknowledged the problem in the first place.

    Apple really needs to get themselves under control and stop this kind of thing happening. Much of their reputation depends on it. The PC luddites laugh when this happens, and the switchers end up wishing they never switched "So much for 'It just works!'" etc. I'd hate to see any more of that..
  22. hob
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    I think the "flickering video" issue is something I've noticed before. It's also noticeable with certain embedded QuickTime videos that look desaturated, until you change volume or brightness - basically put a transparent object over the top of the video, then it changes to the right colour... very weird. Also noticeable in RealPlayer...
  23. hob
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    My two week old black MacBook has been perfect in every way.
  25. yaz
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    I have a Penryn MBP and am experiencing similar problems to those already posted except I get glitches when switching between spaces and using quick look. Is it the same problem? Im guessing all will be sorted by 10.5.3 but would like some reassurance. peace

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