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Mac Users & Their Tattoos?! LOOK!!!

Discussion in 'Picture Gallery' started by eleveneastgate, Feb 8, 2006.

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    I'm most definitely a Macite, but this is ridiculous! :D

    Mac Tattoos.
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    maybe some of them are cover-ups. (i.e., they got something they didn't like later on and used something like a big black apple to hide it... e.g., an old girlfriend's name, etc) but yes, a bit ridiculous

    i mean, what is this about? gang of mac :D

    (yes i photoshopped it)

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    That really is insane, what are these guys thinking.....But I am pretty sure some of the pics are faked tatoos and not the real deal....

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    Very cool. :cool: I'm willing to get an Apple tattoo one day.
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    Gotta agree, a few of them look too perfect to be actual ink.
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    Wow...that was stupid oh well i've seen worse.

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    OMG that is crazy... some of those tattoos are funny as hell. i really like the pacman on the ass... BLAHHHAAAA
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    my fave...small, mysterious

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    Why do men like women who look like they are made out of synthesized plastics?
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    not all men. my husband actually gets annoyed if i wear makeup, he thinks it's ridiculous. i have fake nails and highlighted hair, short of that i can't muster anything else "fake" without protest from him. he'd never find those plastic chicks attactive... he thinks they're hiding something or just plain weird looking; i tend to agree. we're minimalists in that regard i suppose.
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    Aren't most plastics synthesized?
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    i don't.
    makeup done correctly is good. makeup to make yourself look different is bad.

    i don't care if my girlfriend wants to wear makeup or not. but she doesn't need to in my book. shes beautiful no matter what.

    i don't want a barbie doll look alike for my girlfriend. she knows that.
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    they need loving too ... if not more;)

    as to the tats, i liked the one with the apple and think different under it. id never get a tattoo, especially one that is corporate logo
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    i agree
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    ...because I'm shallow and old and only in it for the cheap thrills. I've been bred and tossed aside, so it's all I have left.
  17. mpw

    Wipe clean?
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    Most of them look pretty bad, especially the sad Mac on the guys leg.
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    Wow, some people have been had from the looks of it...

    I'd only consider getting a tattoo if it didn't look like crap, and the gameboy ones better be pen, or they might as well be for how crappy they look.

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