Mac vs. PC: The Truth About Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)

Discussion in ' News Discussion' started by MacBytes, Nov 21, 2003.

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    Uh.. an Apple Titanium notebook? I thought they were aluminum now. This guy is an idiot. Comparing crappy low end ****ty PC's with an eMac to say "this PC is 499, and the eMac is 799" Uh.. 799 is an awesome price for a new Mac. The PC will be dead in about a year.. gurantee it.
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    What did that story teach us that we don't already know?

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    The PC will be dead in a year? That's nuts.
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    Cheap PCs probably last a couple of years without needing repair, but without upgrades a $499 PC might as well be dead a year after being purchased. How much RAM is Longhorn going to want?
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    exactly :rolleyes: Don't know why some zealots think that because a PC is cheep, it will only last a short time.
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    None at all.. You have to connect it to your brain so Bil Gates can have the number to your bank account and then labotomize you.
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    My mum's cheap IBM Aptiva lasted 6 months, then the integrated sound chip blew up.
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    Last I heard Longhorn is coming out in the middle of 2006 and the minimum requirements are going to be
    4.0ghz p4
    640mb of ram (1gb recammended)

    If that isn't bloatware I don't want to know what true bloatware is.
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    Link where you heard this? lol

    640megs?<kind of an odd number of ram for them to recommend dont you think?>

    4ghz ? lol :rolleyes:
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    Poorly researched article

    Doesnt sound like they tried too hard to research anything. This bloke at least went looking a bit deeper.
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    I think you should lay off the crack. There is no way ms would do such a thing. they make their money off of software, not hardware. Why make you buy a new pc to use their new os. they are going to make it so everyone, no matter how old their pc is (with in reason) can purchase and use longhorn.

    I have no idea what the min requirements are, but 256 mb of ram, (512 rec) and a 500mhz (1ghz rec) is more like it.
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    Ok, if the cheapo PC is only used for email and browsing.. NO GAMES.. no added programs... just the basics of a computer, then it might last longer than a year, but once you start intalling applications on a PC the OS starts to die. I guess what I meant to say is the OS will be dead in a year. Maybe the hardware might hold up (maybe), but windows is a sack. I consider myself pretty damn good with the PC but im no developer or expert and even I cant keep the damn thing running well. The Mac though just keeps chugging along like it should.

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